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Giantbomb Squad

Hey guys, Red12b has introduced me to the PSN chat feature, it seems like a very useful tool for getting groups together in-game. There is one downside; to add you I'll need you in my friend list, at least temporally. I'm going to send a friend request out to people in the clan for the sake of this chat thing. Please accept it, join the chat, and then feel free to de-friend me if you want. Thanks, guys.
Still working on a convenient  time for the majority of clan-members to meet up and play a few games as a full-on, or near full-on team. There is currently a Giantbomb Squad PM, please join in on the discussion (If I've not invited you to the PM slap me).
For those of you either not in the (Massive)PM, or those of you who haven't yet entered your details to the MAG Online Community Thread; this post is for you. Also I guess it is for people who plan on deferring from their faction to Raven. (Do it!)
As far as I'm concerned, teaming with regular people is something which only adds to the game's enjoyment. As such, I'm making this clan and want as many people to join as possible. I don't think the clan thing will work out if only a few people join. People will rarely run into each other and leave to join a more active clan, making this clan more and more deserted. It's an evil cycle... of evilness. So, if you do join, please stick it out until there are more people, I'm certain they will come.... That someone will come. Certainly.
To sign-up all you need to do is one of the following:
  • Add your details (as a Raven player) to the MAG Online Community Thread.
  • PM Red12b, Shadow, or me your PSN account name.
  • Send a message to Black_Scotch-, I_NoScoped_Bambi, or Somethingsaurus on PSN.
  • or Simply reply to this thread with your PSN account name.
After signing up, either Black_Scotch- or myself shall shall send you a friend invite, followed by a chat invite. After you're in the chat room you may leave whoever friended you on your friend list or delete them. It's cool either way, as long as you're in the chat room we're happy.

Don't worry if you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to join in, and I won't insult you in this new and improved edited-version! Don't be afraid. Oh, you're not aware of the previous sentence calling non-microphone users arsefaces? Oh, good... because they're not.

Now get signing up!

Current Members

Request the removal of PSN username and it shall be so, well, any details, actually.
WilliamRLBaker (left the game)--
 PS. Defect to Raven, you non-Raven jerks!
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Apart from some of the weird shit this dude says, I fully endorse this,  
And will more than likely steal his thunder when I finally get my damn copy of the game, and choose Raven,  
BTW, I don't have a date on when I can get it, It's released soon, but something has come up, (Family problems...) So send me a PM if that's going to be a problem for you.
#3 Posted by grotto (18 posts) -

Im we just have to all get on at the same time.

#4 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -

Indeed, I tried getting a game set-up with you and one other last night. I managed to group with the other but you were always in a game everytime we got  out of one. I wish it wasn't so cumbersome to form a group, I guess it'd have been best to have sent a PSN message and go from there, but it was really late, and I didn't think of that until now. But it is now my plan of action to get groups going.
Though, you're right, it's probably best to decided on a day and time to try and get a full 8-man party going, weekly, or bi-weekly. That's going to be hard though, what with all the different time-zones. So let's see, how does Saturdays, 23:00 GMT (18:00 EST, 13:00 PT (I think that's west coast-time), 10:00 (Sunday) New Zealand...time), seem to everyone? Once we agree a day and time I'll update the initial post with the details.

PS If I've not put your time-zone down, I'm sure you can work out the time based on one of the others.
PPS I'm also not sure of New Zealand time, I only think that it is GMT+11, but I may be wrong.
PPPS We're up to 8 members, and it's looking good for one or two more joining soon.

#5 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
Good work dude, well done. 
#6 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus: Won't be able to make Saturdays that late as I work the next morning.
#7 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Daryl:  Alright, how late do you stay up to on a Saturday normally? Might be able to shave an hour-and-a-half to 2-hours off the meet up time... I'm guessing, or hoping.
#8 Posted by disjustice (6 posts) -

Just FYI, yes, I do have a mic and I am on the US east coast (GMT-5).  Usually on after 10pm EST.  Played a couple of games with  Somethingsaurus the other day and had a good time.

#9 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@disjustice:  Thanks for the details.
Also, how are you guys finding the grouping is going when I'm not around to bully people into it? I hope it's going well and bully...less.
#10 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

I'm getting the game next week and after reading this thread I will go with Raven. I guess I will join up after I learn the basics. See you then.

#11 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -

Excellent - I was just heading to bed when I saw this. I shall add you to the list, so that I don't forget to add you after you get the game. Also, just to get it out of the way, do you have a Mic, and which timezone do you reside in?

#12 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus:  I just ordered PS3, MAG and Uncharted today and that was enough spending for one day, so I don't have a mic. Also I'm not very confident of my pronunciation as English isn't my native language. My timezone is GMT +2 which might be a bit inconvenient with all those -5 people. I also made a PSN account on my browser and my username is Zaccheus- . Not only am I total MAG noob I'm even a PS3 noob, so I don't really know how that stuff works either. I'm a quick learner though and a long time gamer.
#13 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

Just to fill in some blanks, my GMT is -5, and I'm afraid I don't have a mic. Hurray for a university budget.

#14 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -

Thanks for the details. No mic? Have you tried shouting really, really loudly?
Anyway, @Zaccheus:  Don't worry about being a PS3/MAG noob, we're just around for fun, no one I've met yet is so super serious about MAG that they'll murder you for while you sleep for being wrong. Though there's still 2 people I've yet to play with....

#15 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus: Well I spose you mean me then do you. well i'll tell you what we do with people who don't play the game properly round these parts, we round em' up, and feed them,... 
Mince pies. 
How delightful.
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I should get MAG in the mail today and if not then probably Monday.  I've decided to go Raven so i might as well join this clan.  Im pretty new to PS3 FPS' but I have been playing PC FPS' for a really long time.
PSN: trrogdor
GMT -5
and i do have a mic but i might not use it often cause its weird when your living at college and talking to dudes online

#17 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

I think I have made a terrible mistake by getting myself so hyped up for MAG. I'm afraid I will be seriously let down when I finally get it sometime next week. I have just been reading the forums, watching videos and going over the skill tree... Well I just have to hope for the best. Maybe I will find some teamwork that I'm looking for and maybe I even get over myself and just get a mic and start talking without fear. Doesn't help that I don't know anyone that even owns a PS3 - why the hell am I even writing this?

#18 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Trogd0r2:  I'll add you to the list, to help remind myself to add you.
@Zaccheus:  I wish I could alleviate your fears, but MAG seems to be a game that very much splits opinions. For me, it's the squad moments that make or break your MAG experience. Your squad might doing awesomely while the squads around you are hitting their heads against a brick wall, you go on to lose the match, but even in loss, you feel good about what you had done.
The absolute best match I've had was in a game where 5 of the 8 had mics, and we were so organised - but that's not what made it the best - the thing that made it the best was the S.V.E.R. squad attacking us were also supremely well-oiled. It was very back and forth, We'd hold onto the objective, then they'd win it, we'd wrest it back off them, and so on through-out the whole match. This was just a simple sabotage mission, too.
Obviously not all games are like these,  when you're in a heavy defeat and have no one to talk to within your squad it's really quite demoralising. There are also teams when no one really cares about what is going on and play as individuals -- these games aren't the most fun part of the game, that's certain, but they can still have their moments of fun and glory... sometimes.

Also, I don't think you should worry too much about not being confident with a mic, as I think people overestimate the importance of mics to some extent. I've been on a team who weren't talking, but the leader's use of waypoints and Fragos did a good job at communicating what he wanted from the team, most of the team just got it and did it. I've only ran into one leader who has done that, so I can't say if it works all the time... I kind of hope it does, since it was quite clever.
Realistically, though, being a Platoon Leader or OIC without a mic is a bad idea. Neither of them have direct control of a squad, they really need to communicate with their voice to get a point across, they just don't have other means to do so.
#19 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -

That 5-man team was rather excellent. Topped of by how badly we thrashed S.V.E.R. in the prior match. We really need to sort a time out for a full meet-up.

#20 Posted by Vash10 (50 posts) -

Figured I'd hop on and update. Live in the East Coast time zone (GMT-5) and I have a mic.

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Agreed, playing with 5 people who were all communicating really made the game about 10x more enjoyable.  Now that we are getting bigger groups I thought it might be a good idea to maybe talk strategy and share tips (since the manual is crap).   Here's some stuff I learned from watching what winning groups seemed to do and other things I lifted from forums.  This is all just opinion/suggestions to get people talking.

#22 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

I plan on getting the game tomorrow.  Is this the technologically advanced faction?  Because that's the one I'm planning on joining.  If so, put me down for it.

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Setting up a Group 
Since we don't have the benefit of XBox Live, getting everyone who is online into the same MAG group can be rough if they are all in separate games. I read about this on the penny arcade board and it seems like a good idea to try: Invite everyone who is online to a PSN text chat and coordinate there. That way you don't have to try to send the same message to multiple different people in different games. Instead you can just spam it out to the chat window. You can leave the chat up once the group is formed too. That way if the group gets split up when joining a game you can make the call to quit the match or tough it out right in the chat with no confusion. 
Attacking - General 
  • If the game is going badly and people are spawning in 1's and 2's only to run out and get killed, it might be worthwhile to hang back at the spawn until everyone is together again 
  • If you see a downed squadie, look around for the guy who killed him before rushing in to revive.
  • If you are down, warn the guy rushing in to heal you about the sniper that just picked you off ;) 
  • The APC is more valuable as mobile spawn point than as a weapon. It's worthwhile to park it somewhat out of the way so it doesn't get blown up and you don't have to keep making a run from the starting spawn 
  • Taking the AAA down is the single most valuable thing you can do early in the match 
  • If you can get everyone to coordinate a volley on a turret gun at once, it'll be more effective than haphazardly taking potshots at it. They've probably got an engineer repairing it, so unless you take it down quickly, it will just get repaired.
  • When taking lettered objectives and towers, keep pushing forward. Being too timid and trying to pick off defenders will let them spread out and fire on you from multiple positions. If you can keep pressure on them and get them to bunch up around the objective you can do a lot of damage with a few grenades :) 
Most maps seem to be laid out roughly like this:

1     2  G  3        4 
Where 1-4 are bunkers, and G is a gate or a road block. Sometimes there are additional bunkers covering the AAA. If you are at a location where the attackers don't get APCs, there probably won't be a gate/roadblock either. 
  • The easiest way to go at the bunkers seems to be to come at 1 or 4 from the side. The other turrets will have a harder time covering the one you are attacking and there are probably less defenders covering that area. 
  • The most straightforward way to go about clearing objectives seems to be:  
  1. Take out 1 or 4
  2. Take out any turrets with line of sight on AAA.
  3. Take out AAA.
  4. Take out remaining bunkers so they can't shoot down our helicopter/paratroopers. Also the remaining bunkers' squads will be trying to get the AAA back up.
  5. Go for the sensor array and morter, if they are still up. 
  • If you are having trouble taking out the front line bunkers, you can try to sneak in and just take out the AAA. Even if it only stays down for a short time, you will get a couple of waves spawning behind enemy lines to distract the bunker defenders. Also hopefully the commanders will have the presence of mind to call air strikes on some of the remaining turrets. 
Defending Acquisition
  • If your bunker goes down, repair it ASAP. It's a looong hike back to the front.
  • If the bunker across the street from you goes down, help them repair it, hopefully they will do the same for you. 
  • There are two positions with two bunkers each: The "front", which defends the gate and is slightly closer to the AAA, and the back, which is slightly closer to the transports. 
  • The front is more defensible put is pressed harder because it has to deal with APCs. Just FRAGO the gate as long as your bunker is up. As long as the gate is up, they can't win. 
  • There is a motor pool back near where the transports are that spawns 2 jeeps. Send someone back and have them grab jeep. Park it behind the gate and use it as a secondary roadblock. Even if the gate goes down, they will have to blow up the jeep before APCs can go in or transports can escape. 
  • If you are feeling ambitious, grab a second jeep and wedge it in front of a transport container. This will slow them down trying to grab a transport. 
  • If you are defending the back, you have less responsibility, so make it a priority to keep the AAA/morter battery up.
#24 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (147 posts) -
@disjustice said:
"  Also, sorry for the multiple posts,  seems like I'm limited to short messages.  Maybe because my forum account is still fairly new? "

As in small text box? If so it's probably because the the site just underwent an overhaul, I suggest you make a post here.
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@Shadow: Raven are they. It's just a look though, as the weapons and pretty balanced, and all factions have access to the same skill sets. I'll assume that you're still going Raven and add you to the list and keep an eye out for you in the game, when I have time. Should be in the evening. I'll also assume I have your PSN name somewhere to be able to find and invite you.


  This is some pretty good information, may even deserve to be it's own thread so everyone can benefit. For the time being:
  • The bunkers either side of the AA gun (domination maps) should be making sure the AA gun stays up with at least 3-4 team members.
  • When leading, it's probably a good idea to take note of the platoon you're in and also which squad.
  • Mines are extremely useful for protecting important areas / on specific items (like the on back of the bunker or AA gun). Most of the time, you can tell when someone set's off your mine, so it can also be an early warning system.
  • Keep an eye out for APCs behind your lines. When you're defending the pumps, it's really quite bad when there is an APC spawning on your gates.
  • Tell your squad if you have a skill in your load out that can also benefit them. I'm guilty of this, and often forget to tell people I have a Sensor Jammer on one of my attacking load-outs, and a Motion Sensor on a defensive one. Both of which benefit people within my radius.
  • If you're one of the lucky ones who start off in an APC; use it through-out the game. It's an awesome forward spawn-point, don't just abandon it after the AA gun is down.
  • We seem to have a joke about going prone to trick the enemy into thinking you're dead... but it actually works (sometimes)!
  • If you're trying to take the bunker down, know when to open-fire. Needlessly drawing the attention of the enemy before you've got enough people in position to protect the explosives you're likely to fail.
  • Similarly to the last one, you very rarely succeed at taking a bunker down by yourself, go with a couple of other people. I find 3 to 4 a pretty decent number, even better with more.
  • It may be slightly dirty, but when holding down a pump, try using your mortar and air strikes just outside the defender's spawn area. Even more effective when the OIC and/or Platoon leader are coordinating the strikes. (I hate when I'm defending and they do this to me)
  • Smoke grenades are a good, aggressive, tool. You can use them to mask a rush, or even try to use them as a dummy to make the defender think you're coming at them from a different direction.
  • Using an automatic weapon at range, firing in bursts is far more accurate than just holding down the trigger.
  • Don't forget that people (including enemies) within your radius can hear you talking. I forgot this last night, and let the sniper know that I was just behind and about to knife him. He ran off the ledge and, with a buddy down below, killed me.
  • If you lose an objective, you're the lone survivor and are out-numbers, don't panic and rush in, wait for reinforcements.
  • If you're bleeding-out and are low on ammo, or completely in the thick of the enemies without much in the way of back-up, it might be best to opt to bleed-out. Just make sure that you tell your team you're bleeding-out so there aren't any suicidal medics losing their lives for you.
  • Don't let me apply for Squad Leader, I suck at it!
#26 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -
@disjustice: @Somethingsaurus: DAMMIT STOP GIVING AWAY OUR TACTICS
#27 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Daryl: Okay! I kept our just run at them tactic aside for ourselves though.
Hey non-Raven's, ignore my last post what I really meant was:
  • Run around like a headless chicken.
  • Play by yourself
  • Only ever equip an engineering tool, screw guns.
  • Make sure as many friendlies are by the Bunker / AA gun / Sensor Array / Whatever as possible before you set explosives.
  • Run past bleeding out people on your squad with your Medical Gun equipped just to tease them.
  • Sing everything over your mic. Especially a song about knifing things after knifing your entire team.
I know, I really shouldn't be helping you guys... but have it at you!
#28 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -

My top tip is to constantly swirl the second analogue stick in a 360 degree spin as you're moving from place to place to avoid any headshots from enemy snipers.

#29 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
Sweet so singing into the mic is acceptable, REIGN O'vr ME!!!
#30 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (147 posts) -
Pfft, I'll be singing this.
#31 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Vkramac: I'll get an invite your way when I get home later today. For now, being added to the list and clan PM will have to do.
#32 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
I have no words to say to you, It sucks being in NZ, Do you know how much time it takes for a flight from Auckland to San Francisco? 
12 hours that's what. 
#33 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

I got the game, I do have a mic, I'm in the central USA timezone, and my PSNID is I_NoScoped_Bambi

#34 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
#35 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

Hi. I got the game yesterday and have been enjoying it a lot as field support. I also found a open clan which I joined because people there are in the same time zone and speak the same language. So I'm sorry to say I will not be able to join this one. It's a shame you can only be in one clan, but if anyone wants to add me as a friend I'd be honored. 

#36 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Zaccheus:  Thanks for letting me know. If you wish, I'll keep you on the list as an honorary member, add you as a friend, and invite you to the Clan's chatroom. You may use the chatroom if you're in need of a team, extra numbers to bulk out your squad, or if you just want to talk to us weird people. Finally, I hope you and your clan do well and have fun.
#37 Posted by DoctorSensei (51 posts) -

  @Somethingsaurus: I keep forgetting to mention to you that my timezone is GMT -8.
Hoping to be able to jump on more, since my cold is starting to finally wind down a bit. Nothing like giving away your position hacking and coughing via proximity chat.

#38 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
We are a weird group eh?
#39 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@Red12b:  Well, yeah, but do I mostly mean our British contingency. We're all very, very weird. Have you never listened to us talk about absolute nonsense?
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So somthing. Did I do good? Ive picked to start using the heavy machine gun. I wanna be a tank!
O and
I got a mic. And im EST. Lol I fail at GMT

#41 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man:  Yup, you did well last night, especially for a first go. Also, today was truly awesome, was it not?
#42 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus said:
" @The_Laughing_Man:  Yup, you did well last night, especially for a first go. Also, today was truly awesome, was it not? "
My entire net has crashed. I gotta use some wireless network from another house. And my PS3 wont connect to it.
#43 Posted by ttocs (856 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm looking to join a Raven clan and was browsing through the post here.  How strict is the membership?  Is it more casual or do you guys run practices and stuff that are mandatory?  I'm mainly looking for a casual clan to join.

#44 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@ttocs said:
" Hey guys, I'm looking to join a Raven clan and was browsing through the post here.  How strict is the membership?  Is it more casual or do you guys run practices and stuff that are mandatory?  I'm mainly looking for a casual clan to join. "
We're not strict at all. Anyone, on the forum, who asks to join us is in no questions asked. We don't enforce anything as such, we'd just like for people to join the (PSN) chat room to make forming groups easier. Though it's not like we're not going to stop you from being in the clan if you don't want to be in the chat room.
#45 Posted by _TROLL_ (8 posts) -

How does grouping work? Do i have to be in the clan or just the chat room to play with GBombardiers?

#46 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

you've played with me enough saurus to know i have a mic, and im -5 on the GMT *eastern standard*

#47 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@_TROLL_:  Technically, you don't need to be in either. But we'd not know when you're online to invite you, unless you were on a bunch of GB user's friend lists. Both the clan and chat room are for convenience, if nothing else.
With the chat room you can find out if anyone is playing, if there is already a group going, or ask anyone who's not playing if they're willing to play. You can do this before even loading the game.
With the clan you can see when other members are online or if they're in a game, but can only talk to them via PSN messages, which is a bit of a mess when there's more than one person online to organise a group with. From the clan menu you can add peolpe to a group with 2 button presses, or if their already in a match join their game with 2 button presses (if there's room).
So, to answer your question; If you were just in the chat room but not the clan, yes, you can still be invited to a GB groups.
@WilliamRLBaker: Sorry, I just didn't notice I hadn't updated your microphone status.
#48 Posted by _TROLL_ (8 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus: Thx. I have a small friends clan I'm in now. I will try and convince them to join for the giant bombing good!
#49 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

thanks for the fun all, Im selling mag though *like i said in the pm* have fun with the game and i hope they update it for you all soon, soon isn't soon enough for me.

#50 Posted by _TROLL_ (8 posts) -
@Somethingsaurus:      I would like to join up with the bombsquad please ^_^ . Not enough players int he small friend clan with similar times to get groups.
PSN:   TROLL__ (two underscores

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