I LOVE this game, but I feel very ripped off

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Hey guys,
I picked this game up 2 weeks ago, and have been loving it, put in about 25 hours so far. But I am little pissed. I bought the DLC after the first week, thinking 10 bucks was worth it for some new content, yet I have not been able to get into a SINGLE game of the new mode. I was in que for an hour, where the player count never got over 20. I thought it was just a slow day, but tried this weekend and same thing. I find the really annoying, acqusition is already so freaking hard to get into. 
Do people really only play demo and domonation? I love those game modes but I still pissed about wasting 10 bucks. I wish there was a way I could uninstall the DLC since, the bonus XP mode, always ques me for the new game mode now that I have the DLC and It never goes, so I dont get any bonus XP.

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The player count for Interdiction was visible before you bought it so it is sort of your own fault. Very few that bought it on release still play it but numbers might pick up a little if any of the new players fall into the same trap.
You can uninstall it by deleting the file in the PS3 data utility folder but that'll remove the improved heavy armour from your amoury as well.
Acquisition is still a recovering game mode. It had a period of over two months with the player count at zero until Zipper introduced the directive bonus. The queues are pretty good with all things considered.

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Acquisition is awesome. 
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@Red12b said:
" @Truant19:  Acquisition is awesome.  "
It is unless you're on Valor.
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To be truthful, I haven't prestige'd, I've just stuck with Raven,  
The valor map is my fave... why does it suck for you? 
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Valor have just got the shitty end of the stick with their map so games rarely go the distance there. On top of that they have to attack Raven & SVER's fortresses never getting further than the gate. The Domination maps are almost the same as well.
I'm Raven too so it doesn't bother me that much but my one and only and never again tour of Valor was painful.
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Oh damn, what about SVER, one of the things I love about that acquisition map, if you can get behind them before anyone, very easy to disable everything. 
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I always used to park a jeep blocking the route through the fence & the map seemed to defend itself at times. At least it got its first nerf since the games release in the patch.
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The map is a bitch... 
Raven defending is really shit, it's way to easy to get around everything. 

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