Is MAG going away anytime soon?

#1 Posted by rmills87 (466 posts) -

I just purchased MAG about a week ago and am extremely addicted. The problem that I am worried about right now is that I am seeing articles that have popped up regarding the longevity of MAG's stay-time. Plainly put, lots are just saying that MAG is dead. I understand that at some point in every game's life cycle, the cost of keeping the servers up and running outweighs what they're making from people playing their game. (Am I correct in saying this?) I am just wondering what you duders' thoughts were on this, as I am now worried after purchasing this game so late in its life cycle, that I'm going to lose out on getting to play this extremely addictive game. Anyone think the game will be out for at least another year?

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I would imagine they will keep the servers running for at least a year or two unless the company goes under. I don't think you have anything to worry about in that regard. Hell I think SOCOM 2's servers are still running.

You might look into Battlefield 3 and Socom 4 as well.

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@Barrock: Wow, SOCOM 2??? Duder that is awesome news! I hope this holds true. You just made my day :-) Thanks.

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Given the servers are still up for Warhawk and that came out in 2007, I'd say you'll be fine for a while. The only thing that would kill a game like that is nobody playing it, so if you're still finding games then I wouldn't worry.

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How many people are still playing MAG? I remember when I bought it (around release date) and there was only about 5k people on there.

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@rmillz87 said:

@Barrock: Wow, SOCOM 2??? Duder that is awesome news! I hope this holds true. You just made my day :-) Thanks.

I think so. This isn't first hand knowledge but I want to say SOCOM, and SOCOM 2 still have servers up. You might run into cheaters but, that happened even when the game was popular.

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I think MAG still has a fairly active player community, it might not be expanding much, if any, but I haven't seen any significant drops in the past year either, not even after the release of Battlefield 3, which you'd think would attract the same type of FPS gamer (or rather, both would attract Battlefield 2 players - and maybe the slight difference between the focus of MAG and BF3 is what's keeping it alive, both are very derivative of BF2, but MAG does, unlike BF3, include BF2's commander mode, as well as a fairly advanced order system, whereas BF3 has the vehicular combat stuff that MAG is missing almost entirely, unless you count the jeep, APC and immobile helicopters that are in the game). It's not a huge community mind you, but every time time I've connected there have been a few thousand people playing.

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mag is still going, been playing every day.

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