MAG In 4 Months - Top-Heavy?

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I'm really debating getting this game.  Really debating it.  It seems fresh and interesting and new.
Right now the problem is that the game is bottom-heavy, as it is brand new.  That problem will rectify itself as people progress, but I wonder if that will create a new problem altogether - will MAG get too top-heavy?
Let's say I buy this game today and start putting time into it, and by the time I'm level 15, everyone else is level 20.  At some point the new guys faucet will turn off.  How does the game account for a match where everyone is level 15+?  Who are the battlefield commanders?
Has anyone run across this, and if so, what is the solution for this?  Because if there isn't a clear one, I think this game may suffer in the future from its own unique gameplay elements.

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many different lvls play together 50's with 4's don't be scared though all of the factions are like this so the team your playing against has noobs on their team too. this game is like no other when it comes to team work. only lvl 15 and higher can be leaders sometimes the leaders set goals and everybody gains from it and sometimes they suck and you just have to suck it up and play. really don't worry, MAG is not top heavy like you think.
 Your going to be suprised when you start playing, I just started a new guy in Raven cause my Valor guy lvl 34 was getting stale, and I went from lvl 1 to lvl 6 in one night (a couple hours) and now after two days I'm lvl 12. I created another PSN account so I didn't loose my Valor guy though he's awesome. I love the game its really fun and you just have to jump in.   
Its not like COD in terms of top heavy, since you play as a team the veterans on your team you help you up. I suggest you get a mic though, they will be more likely to help you if you can ask for it. (always put the first aid gun on your first backup on your loadouts you will not regreat it) you can still have a frag and a launcher too.... and a machine gun or sniper or whatever you choose. also upgrade your first aid kit first so that you can heal yourself and your team mates... then when you get to lvl 6 or so you'll be able to upgrade to resuscitate. once your able to revive fallen squad mates your golden.
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The leader stuff is based on rank, the highest rank will get it, but if lots of people are the same rank, I think it's whoever applied for the position first.
Though so you know playing against S.V.E.R feels majorly unbalanced, I was playing with a friend who was our squads leader, and he's pretty darn good at calling all the fragos and shifting them the second one is down, and playing Acquisition as Raven vs. S.V.E.R we managed to get near the vehicles, but then the timer ticked out, I'm yet to win on that mode against S.V.E.R., annoying doesn't sum it up.

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I'm sure that the leadership role is first come first serve all the time (only because I got the position while being the lowest lvl squad leader on my team)  

I know what you mean I'm on valor and there are a couple of maps that I've only won like once! and it took alot of tries! I started a new account and I'm on raven now... its cool playing the same maps but on the other side of things.
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It's a big ass game, with big ass armies. So, if there's 256 players on a map, chances are there's plenty of people above and below you in rank. Also, if you want to rank up quickly, invest everything in Resurrection skills, since it's worth twice as much as actually killing someone, to revive them. I'm level 17 right now, and I usually have a 2.5-1 kill/death ratio. There's a lot more to the game than just killing other guys, and kill count really is glossed over. Points is what is always displayed, and what's used for picking the MVP of the game/squad. As long as you're doing objectives, and healing dudes, it doesn't matter what your kill count ratio is in MAG, and that's really the beauty of it.

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@Fbomb: Yeah, I really dig how minimally kill/death is emphasized. Like, it doesn't mean you aren't rewarded for killing a bunch, but I'm not beating myself up over my kamikaze medic runs.
Though, one thing I've seen a few squad leaders is using their way point fraggo to thumb a spot for snipers to be at. That way they still get a piece of the bonus exp pie.
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People seem to forget:  guns kill regardless of your level.  It's skill that matters so as long as you can get good at the game, you stand a chance.  If you want an example of this, just look at people who prestige on MW2.  Back at level 1 with no weapons, they still kill you.  It's the same for this game.  As for clans and stuff unbalancing the game...maybe join one?  Maybe the GiantBomb one?
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Yeah the games are so big that no one player has enough of a detrimental impact on his own. If you have guys around you covering and healing it doesn't matter so much what level you are.

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well once a person reaches the level cap they start over from Level 1 with a new team...don't they?
I plan on buying the game tomorrow.  I'm gonna pick hopefully there are some other low level people to play with...

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Handlas, you really don't need to play with other low-level people. The changes the Skills bring to the game are mostly new gadgets to play with -- there are a few skills which change how survivable a character is, and you probably will run into one or two, but they are far from bulletproof. Everyone is vulnerable to a well placed head shot(s - pending on weapon used) or a knife to the back.
Only thing that I feel makes a noticeable difference are the guns. I've never used a third tier assault rifle, but I find the second tier much more accurate than the first, which is kind of helpful, but other than that, it seems a pretty even-footing.
Also, as others have said, resurrecting people is a great way of earning xp. So even if you're finding yourself out-classed by the more experienced player you can still net a nice amount of xp without killing them. Just need to hit level 4, the earliest you can afford to buy both the Medical Kit and Resuscitation, and you'll do just fine.
Edit: Err, I think I kind of misread your post, Handlas. But my post was kind of usful for the original topic... and my point still stands - you don't need to team with low level people as by the time you're level 8 you've unlocked all the game modes and higher level people still play the non-256 play matches. You'll be fine.

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ya I just bought it and love it.  There are actually plenty of low level people but I never feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage regardless.  As long as I pop a guy in the head, he dies.  Plus, having a bit higher ranked guys on my team is actually good because they can revive me.  I haven't unlocked it yet.

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