MAG Online GB comunity

#151 Posted by jkz (4070 posts) -

Username: jukezCSS, faction's SVER 
Any chance you could add me? Running out later (once the snow is cleared) to buy a mic to replace my broken one.

#152 Posted by grotto (18 posts) -

I'd like to join if possible - 
psn: grottomatic
faction: raven, level 11
Mic: yes

#153 Posted by shiggy (40 posts) -

I'd like to join your clan, my PSN id is: e_osmera 
I need to remake my character as SVER, which isn't a big deal since I'm only level 8...

#154 Posted by Devil240Z (3881 posts) -

Hey anyone who is still down with this clan thing add me on PSN.

#155 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

yo my PSN is gav_14_14 add me

#156 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

i should really get this game

#157 Edited by Vash10 (50 posts) -

Username: Vash10 
Faction: Raven
Lvl: 34 
Class: Rapid Assault / Field Support
Mic: Yes
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)

#158 Posted by giffen (6 posts) -

 Count me in.   
PSN name: BoneSweat 
Faction: Raven 
Class:  Medic Assault
Leader: Sometimes
Mic: Y    

#159 Posted by cold_winslow (2 posts) -

hey, i would like to join! 
PSN: cold_winslow 
Faction: Raven 
Lvl 6 right now (nooooob) 
Mic: Yes 
Timezone: EST

#160 Posted by SpudBug (707 posts) -

I really really like this game. I'd like to play with some giantbomb folks and actually use my new headset!

#161 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
What faction are you bro?
#162 Posted by DoctorSensei (51 posts) -

Currently lvl. 15, kinda bad at FPS'ers, but I'm having fun so far.
PSN name: dmunkee
Class: Field Support
Mic: Y

#163 Posted by swamplord666 (1815 posts) -

Yeah sure! 
PSN: swamplord666
mic: Yes
faction: Valor
role: rapid assault/ medic

#164 Posted by disjustice (6 posts) -

Count me in! 
GB Username: disjustice 
PSN: disjustice
Faction: Raven (May jump over to SVER if that's where everyone ends up)
Class: Medic/Assault (Level 6)
Clan Leader: No
H G: ??? (don't know what this means...)
Mic?: Yes
Time Zone: GMT-5

#165 Posted by grotto (18 posts) -

Thanks for the add - still haven't won a domination match with Raven, although we own Aquisition.  Would like to get some clan matches in and maybe get a win.

#166 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

Thanks for the add as well. Got in some matches today and actually managed to win one game of Domination as Raven. It was glorious. That said, we only won by maybe 5%, but still......

#167 Posted by RBolduc625 (170 posts) -

PSN: Komikazee 
Faction: Valor 
Mic: Y

#168 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -

Updated main page,  
I have added different Clans that people have created, I am not going to add any more people to the table, sorry, but I tried twice, then once I had everything added, links and all, the site crashed. 
I am not going through that again. 
So this is how it's going to work,  
These are the three clans to choose from 

Raven Clan: Giantbomb Squad

Leader: Somethingsaurus 

S.V.E.R Clan: ?

Leader: Zaffa 

Valor Clan: ?

Leader: Lowkey20

These have separate threads and I am also thinking of creating separate PMs for each clan, that way you only need one small PM in the faction that you choose,instead of the intrusive massive PM that is being used right now.  
Game nights will be held via the factions thread and will be up to the players to organise, with support from me if needed, this way, all you need to do is set up and play, I will let Zombie pie know when you have game nights set up so he can put it up on the spotlight. 
When you choose a night and a time to play it will look like this.  

Raven Clan: Giantbomb Squad

Leader: Somethingsaurus 


Bombing Run Date & Time 

GMT+ 0:00 = Sat 23rd Feb 10:00 PM 
PST -  5:00 = Sat 23rd Feb 05:00 PM
EST -  8:00 = Sat 23rd Feb 02:00 PM
GMT+12:00= Sun24th Feb 10:00 AM 
So, that is what it will eventually look like,  
How does that look like to you guys?
#169 Edited by handlas (2900 posts) -

am I the only one that just figured out that you can "scavenge" weapons off of enemies.  I had no idea and was wishing I could until I figured out you can.  Helps when you are a sniper and need to push up but want to have a machine gun.  Plus picking up the enemy's weapons is fun.
Had never seen anyone do it in any videos before.
I'm Valor btw.  PSN: cats-go-meyow

#170 Posted by disjustice (6 posts) -
@handlas: Haha yeah, I just discovered this last night as well.  I was trying to capture a cooling tower and wound up swiping a SVER AR.  I'm guessing you just have to hold O over the corpse to swipe.
#171 Posted by clubsammich (96 posts) -

I'm down.
I'm Valor, but I'm already in a Clan, but we don't do much and I don't think they would mind if I jump ship for you guys.
PSN is Clubsammich91 and I'm level 37.

#172 Posted by Zaffa (29 posts) -

I've done that once. Was out of ammo for my MG, no restock in sight, so I grabbed an AR from a Raven corpse. It was all pimped out with a reflex sight, foregrip, and suppressor too. It doesn't need saying that I proceeded to slaughter the hell out of the remaining enemies.

#173 Posted by metalsnakezero (2577 posts) -

Mic - Yes
GMT -05:00

#174 Posted by 4thHorseman (84 posts) -

Faction: Valor
#175 Posted by TheAlmightyZega (3 posts) -

um i guess you can sign me up 
PSN name: TheAlmighty-Zega 
Faction: SVER but willing to make a new character and change 
Class: field support but pretty versitile player
Leader: nahh... 
Mic: no 
Clan idea: hmmm i dont know
#176 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@TheAlmightyZega said:
" Faction: SVER but willing to make a new character and change "
I assume you mean you're willing to change faction for the sake of getting Giantbomb teams... well you're in luck, the S.V.E.R. clan is up and running and looking healthy from the outside. So there's no real need for you to change... unless you want to, of course. *cough* Raven *cough*
#177 Posted by Jugganut (21 posts) -

Mic: yes 
Fac: Valor

#178 Posted by _TROLL_ (8 posts) -

PSN: TROLL__      (two underscores)
Faction: Raven
Layout: Decisive Action
Mic: Y
Timezone : GMT -4

#179 Posted by jameswmcl (2 posts) -

Sign me up please 
Faction - Raven

#180 Posted by Somethingsaurus (68 posts) -
@jameswmcl: Hello, I'll send you a clan invite and leave it up to you if you want to join. The clan is a little bit quiet at the moment, and I can't really play MAG until the 15th so I can't guarantee you a team. I'll also add you to my friend list so that I may add you to the clan's chat room, which I think may be your best bet to get a team going.
#181 Posted by kms_md (51 posts) -

sign me up
PSN:  kms_md
clan:  valor
mic:  yes
role:  field support (for the most part)
level 29 at present

#182 Posted by damnboyadvance (4172 posts) -

PSN: frostyflakes1
Faction: S.V.E.R.
Class: Field Support?
Leader: Maybe
Mic: As of now, no.

#183 Posted by Rockdalf (1328 posts) -

 PSN: TheRockdalf
Faction: Raven
Class: Medic Assault
Mic: Not Yet

#184 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

PSN: ManiPulator75 
Faction: S.V.E.R 
Layout: sniper 
Mic: N 
Timezone: PST

#185 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -

Due to work issues and the kinda shit way that MAG deals with the different Factions, I haven't been up to date with this, I would have loved to get in games with ya, but the game doesn't really help the process.  
Stay cool.     

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