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This is the Page for the S.V.E.R Clan ->PointingDwn 
This will be used to set up matches If you are in the Faction S.V.E.R please put your details down in this thread. 

The Leader of this Clan is: Zaffa  

GB UsernamePSNClassLeader MicTimeZone
 ZaffaNukemgreenRapid AssaultYesYesPST - 8:00
EnemaEms     RingWraith Field SupportYes Yes CST - 7:00
JukezypooJukezCss ?  
Buman Buman11 Heavy Assault No? Yes EST - 5:00 
Keystone_Yinzer Keystone_Yinzer Field Support Yes Yes EST - 5:00 
Nemuel Nemuel Field Support No? Yes GMT+1:00 
Leadthallium leadthallium Rapid Assault No Yes EST - 5:00
ALTF4_FOR_COLORS          Wake_as_gun Bullet Magnet Yes Yes CST - 7:00 
somebmxer somebmxer Commando No Yes PST - 8:00 
shadows_kill          Eagles_reign Rapid Assault No Yes EST - 5:00 
Ladnar     therand Field SupportNo Yes EST - 5:00 
Devil240z     Devil240z  No Yes PST - 8:00 
guzzyla GUZZYLA_3C  ?EST - 5:00
metalsnakezero          metalsnakezero Assault Medic No Yes EST - 5:00
Tactical_kill     ShockWave_010 Rapid Assault NoNoEST - 5:00 
bitcloudbitcloudrzr Rapid Assault  No Yes EST - 5:00  

#2 Posted by guzzyla (29 posts) -

add me up 

#3 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
I need your PSN and Timezone bro
#4 Edited by Zaffa (28 posts) -

My timezone's PST -8:00, by the way. 
Anyways, to everyone: I'll be busy for a day or two going through the lists and sending out invites.

#5 Posted by jkz (4068 posts) -

Eastern Time zone

#6 Posted by jkz (4068 posts) -

Eastern Time Zone

#7 Posted by Buman (32 posts) -

Eastern Time Zone 
Have mic
Heavy Machine Gunner Type Dude Class

#8 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
#9 Posted by Zaffa (28 posts) -

Alright, went through the lists. Some people have joined or founded clans in the meantime, and a few couldn't be found, but I sent invites to most of the people that were listed.

#10 Posted by EnemaEms (162 posts) -

My class is Field Support.

#11 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (135 posts) -

PSN: Keystone_Yinzer  Time: EST Mic: Yes Leader: Yes Class: Field Support

#12 Posted by Nemuel (52 posts) -

PSN: Nemuel 
Time: GMT+1 
Mic: Yes
Class: Field Support 

#13 Edited by leadthallium (45 posts) -

 mic: yes 
class:rapid assault[for now] 
time zone: -5 eastern

#14 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (146 posts) -

PSN name: Wake_as_Gun 
Class: Rapid Assault Bullet Magnet 
Leader: Y
Mic: Y     
Time zone: GMT -6 CST

#15 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
@EnemaEms: @Keystone_Yinzer: @Nemuel: @leadthallium: @ALTF4_FOR_COLORS:  
Added, I've gotta say, It's good to be working with a small number of people again,  
Did not think I would get that much interest tbh.
#16 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (135 posts) -
@Red12b: It will work out good this way. Your group that you join to play games with can only hold 8 people at a time (one squad). So, a large number of people would have break into groups of 8 to all play together anyways.
#17 Posted by somebmxer (4 posts) -

If you could add me that would be awesome.  
PSN: somebmxer
Layout: Commando
Mic: Y     
Time Zone: GMT - 8    

#18 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

psn: Eagles_Reign
Class: rapid assult (if we need another type of class i'll try it out and be that class as long as its not sniper..)
Mic: yes
Time zone: Eastern

#19 Edited by Ladnar (200 posts) -

please add when able 

 PSN: therand 
Class:  Field Support  atm 
Mic: Yes 
Time zone: Eastern -5 
much appriciated man
#20 Posted by Devil240Z (3458 posts) -

PSN: Devil240Z
Time Zone: -0800

#21 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
All good bro, sort it out when we have games,  
I am setting up the Faction PM now, so you can discuss stuff like that in there.
#22 Posted by metalsnakezero (2361 posts) -

PSN: Metalsnakezero
Class: Looking to be a medic assult
Mic: Yes
Time zone: GMT -05:00

#23 Posted by Tactical_Kill (1696 posts) -

PSN: ShockWave010

Class: Rapid Assault (but i do have the med kit unlocked so I can heal also) 
Mic: I can't guarantee I'll have one. I sometimes borrow my brothers but I don't always have it. 
Leader: no 
Time Zone: Eastern 

I got the clan invite and accepted it.

#24 Posted by Nemuel (52 posts) -

Sorry i havnt had time to play with you guys yet, being worked into the ground by the boss cause of ill co-workers.

#25 Edited by bitcloud (646 posts) -

PSN: bitcloudrzr 
Time Zone: EST 
Mic: Yes    
Class: Rapid Assault

#26 Posted by bitcloud (646 posts) -

My name is wrong lol.

#27 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
Fuck, your right sorry dude, Err, fixed...
#28 Posted by bitcloud (646 posts) -

And people, stop adding bitcloud without the rzr, that was my launch/ancient account.

#29 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
Is it an S or a Z? 
Because you gave me the name bitcloudsr
#30 Posted by Ladnar (200 posts) -

hey posted a few days ago but still hadnt got an invite to the clan, psn name is therand
#31 Posted by JJGIANT (760 posts) -


#32 Edited by TheAlmightyZega (2 posts) -

ok you can add me...  

PSN:  TheAlmighty-Zega     
Time Zone: Eastern time u.s. (im in nj)   
class: field support 
mic: no 
leader: no

#33 Posted by MightyDuck (1526 posts) -

Sounds like a good time.  It'd be nice to play with more people that use their headsets.
PSN - GetWhatYaGive
Class - Field Support = Medic and "Repair Guy"
Time Zone - Central 
Mic - Yes

#34 Posted by masterjigga (2 posts) -

PSN: Konros
Time Zone: Eastern
Class: Rapid Assault/Commando
Mic: Yes

#35 Posted by GumbieuK (118 posts) -

 PSN: GumbieuK
Time Zone: GMT 0.00
Class: Field Support
Mic: Yes 

#36 Posted by deucetrice (1 posts) -

time zone: PST 
#37 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Will any of you be on tonight? I am getting it real soon and would like someone to hang out with in my first few battles.

#38 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -

If you choose Raven, PSN: Black_Scotch- 

#39 Posted by ReaperOfLiving (491 posts) -

I would join but I hate the clan's name.....

#40 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

Im on the raven side but i have a promo code for for the SVER char. pre order bonus if anyone wants it just PM me

#41 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
Promo code? what does it do?
#42 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (146 posts) -
It gives you some slightly better armor and a new camo scheme.
#43 Posted by The_Drizzle (624 posts) -

Ya new camo, improved vest, and new helmet from the looks of it, i just figured since i will be going raven i'd let someone else use it that plays SVER

#44 Edited by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@ReaperOfLiving said:

" I would join but I hate the clan's name..... "

Wow...never have I seen such retarded reasoning.
Good job Red, organising shit like this a bitch.
#45 Edited by ReaperOfLiving (491 posts) -
@Pessh said:

" @ReaperOfLiving said:

" I would join but I hate the clan's name..... "

Wow...never have I seen such retarded reasoning.  
"Retarded reasoning"?  How so?  "Arrow pointing down" (WTF?!!) I have every right to dislike that name?  It is the truth that I would love to join a GB clan but advertising myself as a member of "Arrow Pointing Down" is something I refuse to do? 
#46 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
 And that is all good bro, The name is a throwback to what this site was called before, Ryan's blog, and we as a group voted and it came on top. 
#47 Posted by Cazamalos (983 posts) -

psn id: Haze_OMGWTF
class: rapid assault (but when i'm defending i just play full medic support)
gmt -4.30
mic: don't use it cuz i speak english very bad, but i can listen it very well and follow orders
so if you want to invite me, i will happily accept it

#48 Posted by Guerrilla_Mason (485 posts) -

PSN: mcmahamg 
Class: Field Support 
Leader: No 
Mic: yes, when it wants to work 
TImezone: CST -6:00

#49 Posted by AstralDisaster (117 posts) -

PNS: Goines1931 
Class: Commando 
Leader: Negative 
Microphone: Negative (I'll get right on that) 
Time zone: GMT +1

#50 Posted by damnboyadvance (4061 posts) -

PSN: frostyflakes1
Class: Field Support
Mic: As of now, no
Time zone: Eastern -5

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