M.A.G. T.N.T. come on now?

#1 Posted by leadthallium (60 posts) -

Mag is a frontline shooter for the PS3,so why not do a tnt for it?
It could get a bit complicated with the factions and what not but even so.
Make 4 giantbombing accounts on the ps3 for each faction and lets have at it,it would be nice if they were leveled to the point where we could play domination but whatever .
Just seems like this game is disliked [for no reason its a good game] and nobody want to invest even a little time in it.

#2 Posted by Coombs (3507 posts) -

all I can say is that it's the only game that has made me kinda want to buy a PS3

#3 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -
@leadthallium: there are 3 factions.
#4 Posted by Damien (1378 posts) -

I felt MAG was kinda average in most ways.  And getting sniped while parachuting makes me want to murder things.

#5 Posted by MAN_FLANNEL (2472 posts) -

1.  They wouldn't get enough GB people in the game.  
2.  If you haven't noticed, they play newly released games.  MAG came out months ago. 


#6 Posted by dantheman1515 (311 posts) -

Or play a good shooter. AKA Bad Company 2. MAG was average in all conceivable ways, and only got press and buzz due to the 256 and the fact that Sony fanboys will mindlessly buy, or profess as the second coming on the internet, anything that is an exclusive game to the PS3.

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" 1.  They wouldn't get enough GB people in the game.   2.  If you haven't noticed, they play newly released games.  MAG came out months ago.    "

1.There are a couple GB clans for this game with more than enough people to fill a sqaud.
2.If you would have payed attention during the tnts they said they were eventually going to play older games,i mean there isnt a new online game every month and theres the post holiday  dry spells.  
@ dantheman1515 
I felt the same way about bad company as you did about MAG so to each his own.
About being sniped while spawning,ive played 69 hours of this game and thats only happened in maybe 4 games,
but ya it was infuriating.
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#9 Posted by damnboyadvance (4172 posts) -

I'm still playing MAG too. ;)
But this game is probably a little bit too old for something like this.

#10 Posted by Dr_Feelgood38 (1582 posts) -

I was under the impression that they weren't going to do too much with console exclusives so that everyone could get in on it. I guess it makes sense that every now and then they would do something with one console (if this goes until Gears 3 comes out, I can't imagine them not doing it). 
I guess MAG would be an interesting one to watch because of the scale, but I still feel Bad Company and Modern Warfare would be better choices.

#11 Posted by 4thHorseman (84 posts) -

I enjoy MAG more than Battlefield and MW2. Sad thing though is that the player count on MAG has went down quite significantly. I can't even get into a Domination game anymore due to nobody being on.

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