Should all maps be open to all factions on random play basis?

#1 Posted by fentonalpha (932 posts) -

Yes or no?  The make a poll option seems to have disappeared.
Yes.... more maps means more fun.
No...... the lore is far to sacred to me.

#2 Posted by Raiden36O (128 posts) -

Yes- All maps should be open, that way maybe some day SVER would have to try and attack on one of their OP maps. And maybe they would then accept there is a misbalance rather then claiming their superior skills and fighting spirit as the reasons behind their insane win ratio.
Could easily fit it into the games story anyway in terms of 'this base got taken from us last month, you now need to take it back'.

#3 Posted by SlapChop (49 posts) -

It would be cool. The "lore" can just be worked out. It is the shadow war after-all.

#4 Posted by BC_ (171 posts) -

Yes, that makes more sense to me than trying to keep some half-baked lore intact.

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