Skills not saving?

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This is the second time I've noticed my skills aren't being saved.  
If i were to deploy right now, my assault rifle would have a reflex scope. If i go to the skills page, it says i need to pay 2 points for the reflex scope. WTF?! 
Also, i just had to spend ANOTHER 4 skill points on the med kits.  
This is bullshit, I specifically remember unlocking the resuscitation skill before i left for work earlier, and now i tried healing eople tonight, and it wouldnt let me. so i check my skills, wadda ya kno, i need to spend skill points on both the med kit and the resuscitation kit once again. wtf is going on here? has anyone else experienced problems like this before?! 
I want to upgrade to a new rifle but it says i have to spend atleast 2 skills points- EVEN THOUGH I CLEARLY HAVE BEEN USING A REFLEX SCOPE! 
so no i am forced to spend another 2 skill points?! 

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