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Game sucks and is over-rated.

Only good thing is that it has 256 players supported. But that is just a gimmick. No one on the PSN is even using a headset so most of the time you see idiots running around like head-less chicken. Not only that, but the game also has some bad lag. Unless you are a Sony fanboy to the extreme, don't pick this garbage up. This game will hardly last a month. 
Just wait for Bad Company 2, which is vastly superior. Bad Company 2 beta> Full game of MAG.

Posted by ryuken

maybe you should take off your master chief avatar before talking about fanboys. Every multiplayer game has idiots running around like assholes, thats not the point. MAG has so much that no other fps has and for that it should be given a fair shake, I've gone all the way with it and its been awesome, when you have a good squad that takes orders your unstoppable.  
Bad company is great and so is COD and so is KZ-2........and so is MAG.   get your head out of your ass.
Posted by pepsipat1

Posted by MrCellophane
@ryuken: That reply was way more informative than the review!

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