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D'Arc is sixteen years old. He has trained extensively in the elemental arts for a decade, under the discerning eyes of the Mage Masters of Iginor. They send him on three quests which will test his magical and mental strength to full capacity. He must return to the Mage's Tower bearing a symbol of proof that he has conquered each task: a lock of hair from priestess, the unspoiled shell of griffon's egg, and the horn of a tricorn. It is time for D'arc to prove himself. Succeed and he shall be initiated as a fully-fledged Mage, gaining the respect of his Masters and peers. Fail, and nobody shall remember his name.

Game System

Mage's Initiation is an Adventure RPG in the style of Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series. It will combine point and click adventure gameplay with a real-time battle system. Players choose from one of four elemental character classes, each with its unique set of spells.

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