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 Kung-Fu actress turned social activist and undercover agent of Majestic 12, Maggie Chow is a woman to be reckoned with.  She is a mistress of wanted felon Max Chen, the infamous leader of the Red Arrow triad. Chow had killed the former leader, Yuen Kong, herself in order to retrieve a sword that he stole form VersaLife.
JC can meet Chow in two places over the course of the game; her penthouse and inside the UC room of the VersaLife complex. Maggie will be friendly to JC only if he first enters her penthouse through the elevator, claiming that he knows she was in contact with Paul. After the conversation, Maggie will reveal the access codes to the vault in the police station, in an attempt to throw JC off of her trail.  Denton is then free to explore the penthouse at will but under the strict supervision of Chow's personal maid.  Most of the rooms themselves aren't unique and are unimportant, but if JC enters the conference room upstairs the maid will open fire after giving one final warning to leave the room.
Once the maid in the conference room is dealt with, a secret set of video cameras can be accessed through Chow's personal security terminal.  One of the commands will be to open the doors of a vault hidden near the entrance to the penthouse.  Inside the vault, JC can obtain incriminating documents linking Chow to MJ-12 herself, along with the Dragon's tooth Sword and a handful of Majestic 12 soldiers.  If the player decides to return to where Chow was last seen earlier; she will have fled to be later encountered inside the VersaLife complex.

The other way the Chow encounter can be handled is if JC enters the penthouse through the back elevator, she will then become immediately hostile to the player and will call in additional MJ12 troops for support.

The final encounter will occur after destroying the UC inside the VersaLife complex, Chow will then attempt to kill JC for his misgivings. During the fight she may be knocked out, killed, or ignored at this point, her usefulness expended. It is unknown what becomes of her after the final encounter if she is left alive.

***It should also be noted that if JC kills or knocks out Maggie Chow in her penthouse, she will not make the later appearance inside the VersaLife building.***  

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