DLC 1 is ready.

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#2 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Really? Nobody plays MTG:DOP here? Hmmm

#3 Posted by StarvingGamer (8599 posts) -

I do

#4 Posted by Damian (1538 posts) -

Good to know. 
I might grab this. Anything's better than the foil DLC crap they've been shovelling.

#5 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Yes. Though, i love the foil. But i wish they had a button so i could turn it on and off. some decks just sparkle all the way with the foil.

#6 Posted by SuperWristBands (2266 posts) -

Hmm... I'm a Chandra fan myself but I like the focus on Planeswalkers so I'll buy this if it is priced right.

Also, do people actually get stoked for a 6-card preview? I intend to check out Innistrad but I can wait for a full spoiler.

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Honestly, i'v never played magic until dop 09. so the more cards i get now, the more stoked i get. 
Edit: and yes. Chandra is soooo good. But in 2h or 4ffa, i get the "aggro" every time. can't blame them though, as i burn them all. but she's awsome.

#8 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6319 posts) -

I still haven't installed this.
My Scout has some sick goggles though.

#9 Posted by GrandMarshal (390 posts) -

must unlock all new cards...

#10 Posted by JCTango (1367 posts) -

Becoming an archenemy would actually be pretty cool.
Can't wait to see what kinds of schemes you can play.

#11 Posted by SerHulse (688 posts) -

The extra decks are nice, I don't play MTG irl so I don't know who these PlanesWalkers are or what their decks are comprised of, but the more the better. 
I don't know if you've seen the new achievements for the DLC but one of them is to beat "Jace, Jace, Jace" as the Archenemy, which I think is a pretty cool nod to people cheesing the hell out of archenemy with his Illusion deck, (in full here)
I'm also excited to see the 4 new cards for the existing decks, I play Mono-White.

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Ral Zarek's deck looks like it's pretty good, I need to unlock more stuff on it because the base deck is kinda gimped but it's promising. Ajani's deck is going to make me need to sideboard in more enchantment removal. And Lilliana's deck is just annoying. Personally, the additions to the old decks are the best improvements. Cumber Stone + Mirrorworks on Tezz's deck is nearly broken, especially as Archenemy since you very quickly have a ridiculous amount of mana available. I just enjoy that the final Archenemy battle is three Jaces. Even Stainless can admit that that deck is kinda fucked, especially in multiples. Biggest disappointment? No Karn deck. I want my banned Mox Sapphire and Show and Tell into Darksteel Colossus damnit!

#13 Posted by Bamsen (351 posts) -

@Libb: Im guessing the Karn deck will come in expansion pack 2 :)

#14 Posted by TekZero (2694 posts) -

Cool, it's one of my favorite online games.

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