Magic 2013 - Your color is...

#1 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

Not your preferred color, but what is says when you go to Player Status.

Mine says Blue. But I think it's going by number of spells cast rather than how many times you used a deck. In which case of course it's going to be slanted toward blue. But is anyone here not blue?

#2 Posted by Asmo917 (492 posts) -

I played through the campaign using the green deck first. Since is weekends storms and power outages, iPad magic is the only game in town for me, so I've played a ton more blue and mono lack. Still listed as a green player.

#3 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

anajis white deck is pretttttty disgustingly cheap if everything goes your way , especially in planechase , and whateverhisnames black/white exalted deck is fun to get rolling

sad theres no crazy artifact /3 color decks at the moment they are my favourite , i want a nice green/white/blue deck or a green/black/blue deck

#4 Posted by voltan (110 posts) -

I always play with greens. Other color I use if I have to is red.

#5 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

It says I'm green now. So I'm guessing the stat actually means something. Also it makes sense seeing as I've been playing Ancient Wilds against the AI a lot and some of those games I cast virtually every card in my entire deck multiple times. So I'm guessing it's based on number of spells cast. Which is fair and kind of cool. It means you have to play more games with certain decks, but only because those games are short.

#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

"Black is the color of death, fear, and amorality—these are the twisted values of the darkness."

I intentionally use the only two mainly black decks available (Obedient Dead and Exalted Darkness) for the most part.

#7 Posted by Lockes84 (51 posts) -

Just finished the main campaign and about to dive in the revenge mode, but so far Jace's mill deck delays the opponent just enough to drain it. Good control spells too.

#8 Posted by Darkstorn (479 posts) -

Blue, and I'm a blue and red player when I play the card game.

#9 Posted by Example1013 (4855 posts) -

I've played almost exclusively with Chandra's deck, so it's red by a landslide. None of the decks are really "perfect" for what I'd want, since I'm a huge fan of red/green, but Chandra's deck is sufficient for my purposes.

#10 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Never played the game, but when I played with the real cards I mained green. I loved my big green elf deck.

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