Anyone else run into people intentionally freezing the game?

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So I don't play Magic online, but my brothers both do, and I just observed something very odd. My brother began a ranked matched online with another player, and when it started going bad for the other player, the game suddenly froze. My brother refused to quit, not wanting his rank to go down. So, he put on our Simpsons DVDs and flipped back every once and a while to see if it resumed. The other player also stayed. After an hour of waiting, my brother sent the player a message asking him if he was still there.
He didn't get a message back, and so continued to wait. We had dinner and an hour later the game suddenly resumed. It was then, two hours after the initial freeze, that he became extremely suspicious of the other player, who as soon as he was about to lose, disconnected. Following that, he filed a complaint and sent some harsh words to the dude, at which point he sent a response saying "you have no life staring @ magic 4 2hrs".
So, is this a common problem online? I've searched with google and there are a few small threads on some other forums, but not much. It turned out that the player in suspicion was actually (apparently) pretty high up in rank, so this strategy of his must work well for him.

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I was in a 4 player match the other day and the player who got eliminated first stayed and spectated the game.  He then froze the game and since he was not actually playing the timer did not end and we all had to quit because he refused to unhold the game.
There definitely needs to be an update that fixes this problem

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