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Magical Drop's gameplay is similar to that of other puzzle games. A stack of random colored bubbles descend, the players "clown" can then attempt to arrange in stacks of three, which will cause them to be destroyed. Chains may be formed in typical puzzle game fashion either with a single drop, or by multiple drops in quick succession. The game is always played against either another human player, or a computer controlled player. Chain reactions cause your opponents stack to descend at a faster rate.  In Magical Drop 1, chains are very difficult to perform as the window of time to chain additional drops after you pop a set is very small; this was changed in the minor arcade revision "Magical Drop 1 Plus". 
The original Magical Drop was released under the name "Chain Reaction" in the United States, and for whatever reason the drops (based on the 4 suits of tarot, the cups, the coins, the swords, and the wands) were replaced with various candies and snack foods. It has 6 playable characters:  
High Priestess 

World was an unplayable boss at the time. As an additional note, most of the characters were re-designed and re-named for the home releases; as an example, the Chariot has been re-named "Mitchell" and given a "butt-chin" in the playstation version, while devil looks much the same, but has been re-named "Warilin".

The game has been re-released, and redone on numerous platforms. The most recent of which being the iPhone.

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