E3 2011: Magicka PVP Trailer

#1 Posted by Galiant (2197 posts) -

Oh snap!

#2 Edited by hermes (1656 posts) -

looks nice 
EDIT: Damn...

#3 Posted by Kasswara (178 posts) -


#4 Posted by vinster345 (140 posts) -

That looks pretty sweet!!!

#5 Posted by Piranesi (452 posts) -

I hit the same wall in Magicka as the Quick Look - not sure if I want to go back to be honest.

#6 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

Still no news on the XBLA release. :(

#7 Posted by Kasswara (178 posts) -

It really looks like the Warlock mod from Warcraft III, fun times.

#8 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

Nice, glad to see them going back to something that worked well. Thought that as crazy as the Vietnam expansion was in idea, playing it wasn't that much fun with all the guns & getting shot across the screen all the time. Think if they do more fantasy themed expansions it might be a good expansion for lots of their humor & crazy battles that come from that system of magicka.

#9 Posted by Wandrecanada (430 posts) -

I still have no clue how you could possibly balance this game for PvP.  There is no mana, no cooldowns and many of the spells straight up incapacitate anyone hit by em.    First person to macro spam thunderbolt wins?

#10 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

Wizard battles! Finally done pretty well in game form! YES please

#11 Posted by Zapato (103 posts) -

I love Conan, and the references to it make this trailer cool.

#12 Posted by Airickson (125 posts) -

I don't much care for the game, but I love the campiness of it and the trailers.

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#14 Posted by thedevilbat (48 posts) -

Majicka is great.

Anyone with a g15 type keyboard will murder everyone though.

#15 Posted by BrowncoatGrimm (90 posts) -

I'm f**cked up and that s**t looks like wizards...

#16 Posted by TowerSixteen (544 posts) -
@Wandrecanada:  I assume it'll work like the arenas, where you wont start with any of the special spells but can have them randomly drop in. Then, even if your opponent does manage to grab thunderbolt, throw up a quick lightning shield- odds are they wont also have nullify.
#17 Posted by RPGee (763 posts) -

Yo, I'm a wizard, and I don't get along.

#18 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2411 posts) -

Obviously a must buy.

#19 Posted by JerseyDriver (57 posts) -

@BrowncoatGrimm said:

I'm f**cked up and that s**t looks like wizards...

#20 Posted by MeatSim (10987 posts) -

*insert I'm a wizard joke here*

#21 Posted by advocatefish (366 posts) -


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