Magicka Giveaway

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SO i bought the four pack and only used 3, now im here giving it away.  All you have to do is to tell me who your favorite videogame character is and why.  whichever explanation is best gets it.  ill pick in a few hours

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Auron from FFX.  He is just so badass it hurts.

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Gordon Freeman, because he's the most badass nerdy looking dude in the world.  
He's got everything that would have him get beat up in highschool, but also the ability to put a crowbar into your forehead. 

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I've no interest in Magicka, but this is awesome of you :)

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Vlad from Magicka

I already have Magicka but I just wanted to say that this is cool of you.

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Wander from Shadow of the Colossus.

Because he fights off 16 giants, trusts an evil god and sacrifices himself to save a single girl.

The romanticism of that at it's core is what makes him my favorite.

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It has to be the pilot from Time Pilot. You never see them outside their plane but that it what the character is all about...dedication. He/she is dedicated to a cause, constantly fighting through multiple decades against evil forces. Single-handedly defeating foes and saving the poor pilots who have failed to complete the very same mission our hero is on.
However they are an even deeper character than you first think, as they are enable to end their mission, they have no option but to keep on fighting. Even when they have successfully travelled from 1910 to 2001 ridding the world of enemies, they are forced to travel back to 1910 and fight the evil-doers all over again. What does he/she ask for in return? They ask for money, as they know that no job is worth nothing. However they don't ask for millions, not even thousands they simply ask for small change, the very coins you have lying around the house or kept in your back pocket.  
By asking for money he/she shows they have a limit. They will fight on this endless quest to save the world, but they still feel they are owed something in return. That, to me is the definition of a true honest hero. 

A hero, and a idol to us all. 
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Minsc, from Baldur's Gate. It is incredible the personality Bioware infused in him, despite not a lot of dialogue. Ignoring him as a party member seemed sacrilege; everyone I know who played the game always took him. The greatest example of this is Boo, the miniature giant space hamster. So full of interesting possibilities: was it a miniature giant space hamster? Or was Minsc just crazy? Or both?

No character has captured my attention in the same way, and is still one of my favorites years later.

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This is really hard.  
I'm going to be lame and say the protagonist from Persona 3. Despite being "defined" by your choices, he is ostensibly - or symbolically rather - an extension of the characters that already exist in the game and the will of humanity (and shit, mang). It's sort of beaten over your head, but that sort of messiah-fication combined with the incredible ending and the final truth about the character that you learn in the last 10-20 hours all equals to an unforgettable character. Even if he never spoke a single word other than "JACK FROST!"    
By the way, this is a cool thing for you to do either way. 

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glados, simply cause of the hilarity.

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Probably Ezio from Assassin's Creed II,Brotherhood and Revelations(and please lord not any more after that). Not because he is a really deep character or I felt any connection to him, he just makes you feel super badass when playing as him. While I cared more about characters such as John Marston, I had far more fun playing as Ezio and to me thats what really matters. Nothing says badass like resurrecting an ancient order of assassin's. That or Batman...causes he's the god-damn Batman. 
As others had said before, it's cool your doing this. Magicka was one of those games I was tempted to get during the sale but just never took the plunge.

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Andrew Ryan from Bioshock because despite his eventual plunge into madness, His vision of creating the perfect utopia underwater was a bold one that would have worked if not for certain people eg. Fontaine, Plus his overall view on religion government come close to my own.

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Bayonetta- she's such a strong badass lady that she makes me wish I was born a woman.

Wait- nevermind.

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I'd have to say the left panel from Pong. Nameless and 2D, but part of history. That little ball was actually the video game industry and it was trying to push it out of that basically empty world. But the truth is, the right panel was evil and was trying to keep it in the realm. But out of all Pong games, left panel won the most and let the video game industry start. And that is why the left panel from Pong is my favourite video game character.

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So it has been an hour since the last post and it makefor a good ending (and who is looking at the magicka forum?) so i shall pick the winner.  there were some very good entries but my favorites were lbekin's, SirOptimusPrime's, and Ikarinotekken's.  But seeing how i only have one i must award it to SirOptimusPrime .

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