Magicka: Vietnam is coming

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So, this popped up on youtube:  

" The wizards of Arrowhead Studios have whipped up something special for all the Magicka fans out there, today revealing the first expansion for the definitive "blow-up-your-friend" simulator that has taken the fantasy world by meteor storm. Magicka: Vietnam (yes, you read that right) will soon be available on all major digital distribution channels.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if wizards were allowed to roam the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, attempting to bring peace and stability to the region by casting spells on all opponents? Wait, you haven't ever wondered that? Ever? Okay, so we're probably the only ones who have but in our defense: here's your chance to stop being so closed-minded. Magicka: Vietnam delivers over-the-top action as players take on the role of four meek and physically inept wizards as they try to do what so many 80's action stars have done in the past: blow stuff up." 
So it seems they're continuing with the parody thing. 

Dunka dunka on, motherfuckers!
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Holy shit. This is batshit insane and I LOVE it

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This is amazing.

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day 1 buy.

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@PhatSeeJay said:
High five!
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Magicka: Vietnam?  Really?  
They're trying way too hard.

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@EvilTwin said:
" Magicka: Vietnam?  Really?    They're trying way too hard. "
The entire main game is a parody after reference after parody.
This seems right in their ballpark.
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Well now the m60 in the main game makes a lot more sense
#10 Posted by EvilTwin (3316 posts) -
@Tennmuerti:  That's fine, but it doesn't make this any less stupid to me.
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This is pretty funny. Next they should have Magicka: Undead Nightmare then Magicka: Minerva's Den.

#12 Posted by President_Barackbar (3565 posts) -

God has a hard-on for wizards. Why? Because we kill, everything we see.

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Wow.  Might be a better sequel idea then ms. Splosion Man

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looks awesome...really need to get this game sooner rather than later

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I can't tell if this is amazing or the stupidest thing ever.

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Nixon's warlock army got the job done.

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any other news besides the new setting?  any new spells or abilities?
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Yes. Yes. Yes.

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Seeing the batshitcrazy things they're doing with Magicka persuaded me to buy it. I played the demo and thought it was cool, but some of the spell mixing stuff seemed a bit complex for my tastes. But I'm happy to give my money to them just so they can continue doing insane stuff like that. I'm sure I'll get used to the spell stuff, anyway.    

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To quote the GB crew "I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up".

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Before someone lambasting the game for the portrayal of Vietcong by the gremlin or whatever they are. 

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Get back to me when Magicka supports integrated graphics cards

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How long until the "Charlie Sheen's Vatican Warlock Assassin" expansion?

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@Hailinel said:
" How long until the "Charlie Sheen's Vatican Warlock Assassin" expansion? "
It will be it's own game, but only Charlie Sheen can play it because it will melt your face and kill you.
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I'm a wizard... And that looks effed up.
But seriously, I never would have seen that coming. Such insane news.

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Hell to the yes.

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@Korne said:
" Get back to me when Magicka supports integrated graphics cards "
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what did i just watch....

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That settles it:  Game of the Year.

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Sick trailer, sick setting, sick game. :)

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Controls take some time getting used to but DON'T miss out on playing this with a friend with a mic. It's hilarious.

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This is just one of the best things ever, I cannot wait to play this.

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