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Magma Dragoon is a Maverick who was originally a Maverick Hunter leader of the 14th Unit. He was convinced by Sigma to go Maverick, which had puzzled Mega Man X before as Magma Dragoon gave no reason for leaving the Maverick Hunters. He immediately shows in X's storyline, as Magma Dragoon destroyed the highway after going Maverick. He always  wanted to fight Mega Man X and Zero before he died, which is partially why Sigma told Magma Dragoon to go Maverick, as there was a chance to fight the Maverick Hunters. After his energy is gone, he tries to explain why he switched sides on the Maverick Hunters, but before he could finish, he exploded and his weapon was then available to them   

His fighting style is extremely similar to Akuma and Ryu of the Street Fighter games: he has Shoryuken, Hadouken, and one aerial move. He also can summon a shower of fiery meteors to crash down onto the field of battle and shoot a large string of fire from his mouth, like the Shinkuu Hadouken in the Street Fighter series.

The weapon received from him for Mega Man X is Rising Fire, a move which shoots a huge burst of flame above the player. The move for Zero is extremely similar, but obviously he uses the Z Sabre and rises upwards also.

He makes an appearance in the Training stage of Mega Man X5 as the boss. He is just an emulation of the real one, used only for the purposes of testing Mega Man X and Zero before they left.

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