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Imagine if most RPG conventions were thrown out the window 0

Well, that's what someone did. Because they roll out so many new and untested ideas, this leads to a lot of initial confusion. Honestly, my initial reaction was almost to quit, and I never quit. After I settled in and made it through the story in 50 hours or so, I can confidently say that this a gem in the rough. The very, very rough. Seriously, there are some cool ideas here, you just have to work for it.The story is a decent quality. It has a pretty slow flow, but gets going strong in the seco...

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for your own sanity read before you buy or rent 0

I wanted to like magna carta. i don't. now...granted it's pretty. but so is paris hilton and you wouldn't want to have a long term relationship with her. why? it's all superficial. and they both have scabies...-allegedly-see magna carta's problem is it's ambition. it wanted to be the rpg that's different. well congrats. it's -so- different it's almost unplayable. let's examine shall we?-the combat. combat has got to be my major pet peeve here. who on earth decided one character at a time in a fi...

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