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Magus with his scythe
Magus with his scythe

Magus is first introduced in Chrono Trigger as a prominent villain that threatens Guardia in 600 A.D. Quiet and serious, he dislikes anyone that interferes with his work. He leads the army of Mystics in a war with Guardia with the assistance of his three underlings, Slash, Flea, and Ozzie. It is also revealed that it is he that is responsible for having turned the former Glenn into Frog. Near the end of the war, he attempts to summon forth Lavos, but his efforts are thwarted when Crono and his friends invade the inner sanctum of his fortress. His summoning ritual now out of his control, he is pulled into a time vortex.

The next time the player encounters Magus, he is disguised as a mysterious prophet in 12,000 B.C. that has gained the favor of Queen Zeal. Recognizing his adversaries when they arrive in Zeal, he attempts to prevent them from interfering in his new plan by forcing Schala to help expel them from the era in the hopes that they would be unable to return. This plan is quickly foiled, however, as Crono and the others eventually find the Epoch and travel back to Zeal.



It is ultimately revealed that Magus is in fact Janus, Schala's younger brother and Queen Zeal's son. As a young boy, Janus is quiet and sullen; his only friends are his sister and Alphador, his pet cat. He also has the ability to see the future, and at one point predicts that one of the people in Crono's party will soon die. This prophecy is fulfilled when Crono himself is obliterated by Lavos in the Ocean Palace. It is also during this moment of Lavos's early awakening that Janus is pulled into a time portal and sent to the middle ages, where he would become allies with the Mystics and eventually become known as the fearsome Magus. It is also revealed that his attempt at summoning Lavos was not an effort to destroy Guardia, but to call forth the monster that had destroyed both his life and that of his sister.

The name Janus is a reference to the Greek god of the same name. In Greek mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions; included among the domains he represents is time itself. The god's two faces represent his ability to see both the past and the future. In Chrono Trigger, Magus uses his knowledge of future events in an attempt to aid his younger self and his sister.

Optional Party Member

After Crono's death, the player has the option of seeking out Magus at the peak of Mt. Woe in 12,0000 B.C. If Frog is in the player's party, the player will be given the option of either allowing Frog the chance at his revenge, or allowing Magus to go free. If Frog defeats Magus in battle, Magus will die. However, if the player lets him go, Magus convinces the party to let him join them in the battle against Lavos. Though their methods are initially quite different, Magus's primary goal is the same as theirs; the destruction of Lavos.

Weapons and Techs

Magus uses a scythe as his weapon and several types of magic. He is classified as a "Shadow" magic user, but he is also capable of using magic of all elements, including fire, water, ice and lightning. Because he is from an age when humans are capable of using magic, Spekkio does not need to awaken his powers. Magus's non-magic techs are focused around darkness, and include Black Holes, Dark Mists, Dark Bombs and Dark Matter.

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