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Maid-san must make her way past the cave dewelling Bennar, who seek only to hinder... and love?


Designed with a simple platforming mechanic, Maid-san's Caving Adventure, revolves around manuervering the title character to the finish of each level while collecting stars, diamonds and other items as efficiently as possible. Scoring is based on how fast you complete levels, as well as how often you had to jump or "tremble".

Beside's running, Maid-san's only defense is her ability to cower in fear. When pressing down, Maid-san will curl into a ball and begin shaking. For whatever reason, the Bennars will ignore you at this point. However if they have already spotted you, trembling will not deter them from smashing you with a club.

Additionally, standing still for too long will increase Maid-san's Sneeze Meter. Causing her to sneeze and draw attention to herself. Other things that can cause you to sneeze include standing in the water for too long, as well as inhaling cigarette smoke that certain Bennar's expel.


Examples of level layout.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

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