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The Majin is the Guardian of the Kingdom of Qumarkaj, an immortal being that has been protecting the Kingdom ever since befriending its first King centuries ago. At the beginning of the game, the player character finds the Majin chained in a small room of Arkela Palace and frees it, knowing he is the key to defeating the encroaching darkness that threatens his forest home.

The Majin is surprised by the interloper's ability to understand his speech and that of other animals: An ability once held by a compassionate human named Tepeu he befriended a long time ago. He instinctively names the anonymous wanderer "Tepeu" after him and agrees to help him combat the darkness throughout the Kingdom.

Throughout the game, you get glimpses of the Majin's memories, which he had lost during his long imprisonment. Specifically, he recalls his time with the antagonistic darkness creatures while they were still human beings, as well as the princess of Qumarkaj whom he safely trapped in crystal somewhere within the palace to protect her from the darkness.

In-Game Powers

Because the Majin had been drained by the darkness creatures, he begins the game with none of his powers and very little in the way of strength. His four powers: Wind, Lightning, Flame and Purification, are instrumental for several puzzles in the game and must be reclaimed by eating the specific fruits that contain them. Likewise, the player can find Stamima and Strength fruit that increase the Majin's health and attack power respectively, as well as element-specific fruits that increase the strength of that particular power.

The Majin is necessary for opening large doors (usually dividing each area), operating the trebuchets and heavy machines lying around the dilapidated kingdom, swinging heavy hanging objects (once he reclaims his Wind power), powering electrical systems (once he reclaims his Lightning power), destroying flammable crates and removing flame barriers (once he reclaims his Flame power) and turning darkness pool obstructions into harmless crystal (once he reclaims his Purification power). Because he devours the dark energy of monsters, enemies can only be permanently defeated if he is nearby; otherwise they come back to life after a few minutes. In combat, he uses his strong attacks to knock down opponents, which can then be quickly defeated with combination attacks from Tepeu and the Majin.

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