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Major Blackmore was the co-commander with Captain Cutting of the "Boudica's Boys" British 2nd Army company, and was stationed with the mission to form a spearhead and liberate Caen. Blackmore and Cutting together kept the spirit of the soldiers alive and was always certain the battle could be won, and was always on the front lines with his men. Also worth nothing is that Blackmore was rarely ever seen without his trademark pipe.

When Cpt. Cutting was fatally shot during the last stand at Caen, Blackmore took full command of the remaining forces of Boudica's Boys and soon together with his men smashed the remaining forces of the 1st Panzer Division that retreated Caen after losing a whopping eight King Tigers and countless of Tiger I models.

Blackmore retired from active duty when the war was won in 1945, and teached and tutored new soldiers until his passing in 1984.

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