Sure hope they fix some of the problems with mlb 2k10

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I hope they iron out some of the issues some people had with MLB 2K10, especially in my player mode.
For me, some of the problems were:

  • Inability to wave off pitchers from fielding pop-ups
  • Extreme difficulty in throwing out base stealers, even with maxed/near maxed stats and good timing
  • Somewhat difficulty in stealing bases, even with maxed/near maxed stats and good timing
  • Animation hang-ups leading to movement hang-ups in leading off bases
  • Inappropriate/Inaccurate crediting of singles, doubles, triples, etc. sometimes, depending on when the ball is thrown and if a lead-off runner is tagged out (even the commentary credits you with the correct single/double/triple
  • No celebration/victory screen for winning the World Series in My Player mode, even if you 3-peat :(
That said though, I really digged the commentary voice-overs as well as the ambient stadium sounds/cheers/jeers.  I hope they continue with that baseball audio bliss in the next version.
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I agree that last year could've used some bug fixing.  The stats thing was quite annoying.
Played two games of the 2k11 demo.  The visuals look about the same as last year.  I don't like how they use low res textures for things in the distance, makes stuff jaggy as hell.  I thought the hitting was very realistic.  I truly felt that where I hit the ball was the correct spot.  Pitching seemed a tad loose but I could just be out of practice.  I really didn't see any glaring issues but I'm sure I said that about last year's demo too.  If I was to pick one thing that I thought was a bit off during the demo was that outfielders seemed to hang on to the ball a bit longer then they should.
Looking forward to next week.

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