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The objective of the game is to eat more food than your opponent before the timer runs out. To stuff the food into your mouth, you must swing the Wii controller upwards. To eat the food, you need to watch a meter at the top of the screen with a cursor that moves left and right over slots that fill up with food. Pressing the B button will chew the food and empty the slot, allowing you to consume more food. If you press the B button while the cursor is over an empty slot, you will bite your own tongue, momentarily stopping your ability to eat. Another meter indicates your nausea levels, which will increase over time as you eat and cause you to vomit if you let it fill up competely. Vomitting will disqualify you from the match. To empty the meter, you must hold the A button and wiggle the Wii controller. Powerups can be collected and used during the match. They vary from farts and belches that will pause your oppenents actions and boost their nausea levels to boosts that will allow you to consume food more rapidly. 

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