Hey, Watch Some Pro StarCraft This Weekend At MLG Dallas

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#51 Edited by leebmx (2238 posts) -
@nintendoeats: I agree...I find it interesting to watch but it is very hard to work out what is going on . I am interested becuase any game which can attract this standard of proffesionalism must have something reasonably deep to it. Would be nice to find a famous or great game sort of broken down play-by-play for those not familiar with SC2.
#52 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -
@leebmx said:
" @nintendoeats: I agree...I find it interesting to watch but it is very hard to work out what is going on . I am interested becuase any game which can attract this standard of proffesionalism must have something reasonably deep to it. Would be nice to find a famous or great game sort of broken down play-by-play for those not familiar with SC2. "
I would watch that. Actually, I would really like to see Brad do it, as it seems like the logical end point of his attempt to get us interested.
#53 Posted by Outrager (153 posts) -

SSF4 So Cal Regionals is what I'll be watching.

#54 Posted by CharlieTuna (328 posts) -

Watching starcraft is 10 times more fun than playing the darn multiplayer, man did it get old with me fast. So much busywork.

#55 Posted by Zolfe (262 posts) -
natural is the expansion that people would "naturally" take when trying to expand. its the best expansion spot.
when people say 14 pool, 14 hatch, or 13 gate
those numbers refer to their current supply, people usually identify the timing of their builds and stuff by their supply in the early game
#56 Posted by leebmx (2238 posts) -
@nintendoeats: It might be worth suggesting - think i'll message him.
#57 Posted by Bouz (99 posts) -

They just referenced the GB showmatch!

#58 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -
@leebmx said:
" @nintendoeats: It might be worth suggesting - think i'll message him. "
Agh! the man communes with the gods! tis witchcraft I say to thee. 
Seriously though, the fact that we can just talk to the editorial staff directly is awesome. I love GB.
#59 Posted by Skeet11 (44 posts) -

The MLG SC2 tournament is awesome. I think this is the third one and its grown so much each time. This tourney is huge.

#60 Posted by gamefreak9 (2358 posts) -

No video game is as intellectual  to watch  as sc2 :P, not even close. 

#61 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -

Machine is about to play WOOT! go EG!

#62 Posted by gamefreak9 (2358 posts) -

Everyone should watch this, tekken and halo does not even compare to the intense strategy :P. Starcraft gives the gaming community to the chance to get some respect on actual television, as the main criticism is that gaming is not creative or smart but sc2 fixes that.

#63 Posted by Marino (4653 posts) -

I love that the picture is stoic except for a blazingly fast, blurry left hand.

#64 Posted by gamefreak9 (2358 posts) -
Machine was a monster....
#65 Posted by Herreno (333 posts) -

Gotta love TNT veteran Machine 2-0ing Select ;)

#66 Posted by ectoplasma (977 posts) -

I actually thought "Maybe giantbomb should have a news about this... well probably most people wouldnt care". Nice going xD!

#67 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -
@gamefreak9: I know!! officially my favorite in the tournament!
#68 Posted by Mijati (910 posts) -

Been watching this non-stop over the next few days :P.

#69 Posted by Jimbo7676 (715 posts) -

Saw EGMachine wreck a terran player earlier.

#70 Edited by bluesun (232 posts) -

Watching the SoCal regionals is proving to be a nice change-up in between SC2 tourneys. The commentators are making it fun to watch.

#71 Posted by zpfracer@aol.com (3 posts) -
@UberExplodey: You paid more to watch in HD here lol
#72 Posted by Linkster7 (1023 posts) -

Brad I now demand a Starcraft exclusive Bombcast. 
You got me addicted to this shit, now you have to hook me up.

#73 Edited by pweidman (2326 posts) -

I'm brand new to Starcraft, and honestly got caught up in the hype this summer and bought the game.  It's well done but my interest waned relatively quickly.  Then the Starcraft TNT the other week, and I really found that watching good players play was a hoot.  Very entertaining imo.  So I've since managed to catch a few pro games covered by the MLG announcers, and this shit is really fun to watch and the announcers are damn good and entertaining in their own right.   I'll try to catch some of this in Dallas, as I just finished watching the DC final, and semifinal.
I bet tournaments in Korea are aired nationally, no?  It seems like the SC2 hub, and must garner the kind of attention we pay athletes in pro sports in the US....I wonder.
#74 Posted by crusader8463 (14419 posts) -

Meh, these gaming leagues never have games that interest me in the least bit. Besides, I got non stop work until the 24th so it's sleep, eat, work sleep, eat, work repeat.

#75 Edited by Pop (2626 posts) -

Brad forgot to talk about Machine the guy that won that match on Thursday Night Throwdown, I was looking at his matches to see if he says GLHB  or <>.

#76 Posted by Jeffsekai (7027 posts) -

What? Why does this MLG event that means nothing get a shoutout and SoCal regionals doesn't? 
oh right cuz Jeff is fucking lazy.

#77 Posted by Tordah (2478 posts) -

More Starcraft 2 is never a bad thing.

#78 Posted by BenderUnit22 (1484 posts) -


#79 Posted by fez_soni (78 posts) -

anybody having trouble watching the stream? mine keeps skipping, and it's not my internet since i can watch other streams just fine

#80 Posted by Teoball (591 posts) -

For some reason it's exciting to watch SC2. Dunno why! 
I used to watch DJWheats Epiletic Gaming a few years ago. He's always loved commentating these things so it's cool that he still does :) 

#81 Posted by Daniel_Newton (1166 posts) -
@Advertisement said:
" HuK Norris  "
That would be way better.
#82 Posted by BenderUnit22 (1484 posts) -

Bye, bye, Idra

#83 Posted by adoggz (2064 posts) -

WOOOOOO!!!! SELECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#84 Posted by csl316 (8453 posts) -

i used to judge people that watch pro Starcraft.  but since the new one, i know/care a surprising amount about it.

#85 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -

Idra got taken out pretty surprisingly in that third game by seleCT that was an interesting game...and Machine is still in so hoping he does well and keep EG in it

#86 Posted by KinjiroSSD (694 posts) -

Man, Select just cheesed a win.

#87 Posted by Gunharp (337 posts) -
@Llama said: 

" I love how MLG didn't haven any Starcraft 2 before and now it's their most popular stream! Apparently it pulls about 3 to 4 times as many viewers as all the other combined :D "

Unlike FPS's watching a 1v1 RTS is entertaining. It is one camera view and a good observer/commentator add a lot to it. For spectators it is just plain better, which is also why fighting games have such a high viewer ship. 
 @Jeffsekai said: 

" What? Why does this MLG event that means nothing get a shoutout and SoCal regionals doesn't?

Yeah pretty crazy that both are going on at the same time. I have had the SoCal regionals streaming all day!  
I'm not a fan of the MLG though, and the Starcraft side of it doesn't really compare to the GSL or any other SC league. GSL is the one to spend your dollars on. ESports is great but the way MLG goes about it with website design and advertising/sponsors just sucks. 
But I love SC2 and this is the best line up the MLG has ever had. Not quite worth $25 bucks for HD stream in my opinion. 
Oh and since the website is stupid hard to navigate here is the bracket for SC2:  
Got it via TeamLiquid.net comments on the MLG preview article.       
#88 Posted by Teoball (591 posts) -

haha. that last Tyler vs Pain.User was awesome

#89 Posted by KinjiroSSD (694 posts) -
@Teoball: Yeah, amazing terran play from pain.user
#90 Posted by Darknaut (126 posts) -

 I wasn't overly familiar with Machine before the StarCraft 2 TNT here, having only heard of him without seeing any of his games, but I've seriously been cheering for him for the entirety of this tournament. As a fellow Zerg, I'm seriously hoping he keeps up his streak and takes the title, or places top 3 at least.
 I wish they had streamed his game against SLush though, but I guess I'll have to wait on the replay to get my ZvZ learning on.

#91 Posted by Wunder_ (1169 posts) -

Mega upsets in Day 2. :(

#92 Posted by Scigrex14 (83 posts) -

Day 9 makes the games so interesting to watch and really does an amazing job as a commentator. There's a reason why Day 9 Dailly are a must watch for SC2 players.

#93 Posted by Devitti (16 posts) -

Heres to hoping for a Huk vs Idra rematch :D

#94 Posted by McDunkin (319 posts) -

As someone who subscribes to gomtv I would just like to chime in and say that if you still play starcraft at all you will porbably enjoy MLG castings as well as gomtv castings.  Check it out!!!

#95 Posted by Ben_H (3343 posts) -

Day[J]'s daily show is awesome. You learn important things like smooth transitions often involve losing your whole fucking base and when being attacked by mutalisks, jut build banelings.
This episode is brought to you by the number J.

#96 Posted by CatsAkimbo (618 posts) -

@Brad  Thank you for posting this.  I don't check teamliquid that often cus their site is messy, and thats the only other place to find out about sweet tournaments like this.

#97 Posted by temmink (50 posts) -

Those Day[9] vids are great, thanks for pointing them out.

#98 Posted by raiz265 (2238 posts) -

don't give up brad! 

#99 Posted by AngryRedPlumber (214 posts) -

Day9's videos seem quite helpful, even for a newbie like me.  Thanks Bradley!

#100 Posted by eezo (284 posts) -
@Noodles said:
" @Ishatawk said:
" MLG + Starcraft = I still don't care. "
Then why even post? Why even click the article? "

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