Is there a villain that's hard for you to hate?

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#51 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias) from the Watchmen novels.

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I'm a big, big fan of Andrew Ryan

my god: yes: AKU from Samuri Jack was a friggin champ! There are lots of great villains out there.

OH, and the Darkness, from 'The Darkness' That demon things-guy-voice made that game really something special.

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Gus Fringe from Breaking Bad is a awesome villain i wanted to cheer for while making the main character Walter White seem more of a villain himself.

I also wanna add Kai Proctor the Amish mobster from Banshee. Even though he runs a prostitution ring and blackmails people for land rights and labour cost, he's smart enough to avoid any trouble from the law plus he's mean and deadly to anyone who crosses his path. Plus he has a scary goon that wears a bow-tie and a suit.

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@toxin066 said:

I actually find myself rooting for Boyd Crowder (Justified).

I'd go as far to include every antagonist from Justified. They're all so damn good.

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I'd have to agree that Letho was hard to hate. Even though he screwed you over and was a bitch of a boss battle, most people let him walk at the end.

Breen was too pathetic to hate, since he was transparently a puppet.

#56 Edited by TangoUp (327 posts) -

Saren and TIM from Mass Effect

Arkham Asylum's Joker

Vergil of DMC3

Col Radec of Killzone 2

Liquid Snake of MGS4

Talbot from Uncharted 3

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@d_bones: I honestly don't read books that much so I don't have much to compare too, but I really enjoyed them. The Stolen Throne and The Calling are connected and takes place before Origins while Asunder takes place after DA2 and is about a new set of characters and sets up for the next game.

#58 Posted by EnduranceFun (1116 posts) -

Most Final Fantasy villains, the good ones, not the MMOs or Lightning games.

#59 Posted by Miketakon (533 posts) -

Andrew Ryan

Big Boss


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@quarters said:

Solidus Snake. Though he had big problems, he had some noble intentions.

I'd say all the main antagonists from the Metal Gear series are quite likeable in their own way.

Dagoth Ur from Morrowind and Saren Arterius from Mass Effect

I'll steal these also.

@animasta said:

Shadowlord from Nier?

Also if he counts, the villain in Witcher 2 whom I honestly cannot name right now (the other witcher).

The Witcher series has tons of likeable bastards, it kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones in that way. (and in a lot of other ways)

I quite liked Ryuji Goda from Yakuza 2 myself.

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A lot of the villains in the No More Heroes series fit in here. They'll often be crazy and off-the-wall until finally meeting them reveals their true humanity. You then promptly slice them into a thousand pieces.

And, as others have said, Andrew Ryan. He's definitely flawed but he has many admirable traits. In stark contrast to Comstock, who is absolutely irredeemably horrible.

#62 Edited by Demoskinos (16320 posts) -

Most villains really. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Unless they end up being portrayed as a straight up cackling Saturday morning cartoon villain I can usually sympathize with them on some level.

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I prefer Magneto and his mutants to the X-Men after watching X-Men First Class

#64 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

@kaiserreich: Helps to add the game you're spoiling. Otherwise, no one will click the damn thing. lol.

I dunno. Most villains aren't very interesting or likeable these days. But Portal has two that are pretty charming and likeable and goofy so there's that.

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@boozak: Ryuji's a great choice too. Almost forgot about him. I guess Majima would also count, back when he was actually a straight bad guy.

#66 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

Joker, love that son of a bitch.

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Your rival in Pokemon Red/Blue.

I was pretty young when I played them, but couldn't help feeling like he just had a real bad inferiority complex.

He tried to be a jerk only to cover his inner pain...sniff.

#68 Posted by Veektarius (5345 posts) -

Andrew Ryan, probably. And of all the things I didn't like about FF8, I thought Seifer was pretty great.

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#71 Posted by On1inepersona (121 posts) -

Pretty much every boss in Neir after the extra cut scene unlock.

Also MGS3's The Boss hands down.

#72 Posted by TheHT (12364 posts) -

Griffith. I hate him, but sometimes I kinda get it, and then I feel like a monster.

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Jack from borderlands 2

#74 Posted by PenguinDust (12796 posts) -

Darth Vader before he got all angsty.

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If anything I'd say there are almost no villains I hate in the first place. Almost all games (and movies for that matter) worth remembering for me have villains I like.

  • I can't hate a good villain, because they're in a way admirable, they're the spice, the thing that make it a worthwhile struggle, etc. A great villain is often the best thing in a story.
  • I can't hate a poor villain, because really if they're badly done then why would you have any strong emotions towards them at all, instead they become simply forgettable.

There are very few outliers to the above two rules. Starchild springs to mind to me personally, by being so terrible that it was enough to affect other parts of the experience, not because it is a villain but because it's so badly done. Yet there are dozens upon dozens of villains that I not only don't hate but like. So for me the question would actually be: what villain can I hate at all?

#76 Posted by shepdelonge (23 posts) -

Sephiroth. Pimp.

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I corrected the thread title. Literally like knives on a chalkboard.

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I could't hate Andrew Ryan.

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