Malicious will be heading to the states.

#1 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -

Thats right, it's coming stateside! I just found out about the game today and my interest has piqued and i'm eager to play, and the allure of a possible $10 price tag makes it that much harder not to pick up dosen't it? It  looks gorgeous for a Downloadable title that's for sure.

#2 Posted by jewunit (1064 posts) -
#3 Posted by ESREVER (2703 posts) -

Awesome, bout time. I'm itching to replay this game already. Love it. Played the EU version lots and S ranked it (pretty much, some leaderboard trophy is bugged)

I will definitely be buying this game again. Rather, buying it for the first time, since I got it from a friend with an EU account the first time.

#4 Posted by TheHT (11676 posts) -

Good lord this game has some framerate issues. I feel like I turned on slow-mo mode or something.

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