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Mallorie Bardas is the girlfriend, fiancée, and eventual wife of Roman Bellic. Prior to her engagement to Roman, she was having an affair with Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov, which ultimately ended up with Vlad being killed by Niko Bellic. She is primarily of Puerto Rican descent and owns an apartment in Bohan, which she makes available to Niko and Roman after Roman's apartment and business are set on fire. Roman and Mallorie eventually marry near the end of the game at a church in Algonquin. At the end of both storylines, it is revealed that Mallorie is pregnant with Roman's child.


Mallorie with Roman

The fate of Mallorie's child depends on the events the player chooses to partake in - namely, choosing either Deal or Revenge when the choices are given. If the player chooses Deal, the child's father, Roman, is killed at his own wedding. After Niko takes care of Dimitri, Mallorie calls Niko to reveal that she is pregnant with Roman's child and that the child will most likely struggle without a father. If the player chooses Revenge, Kate McReary is instead killed at Roman's wedding. After Niko finishes off Pegorino, Roman calls Niko to comfort him on his loss, reveals that Mallorie is pregnant, and that if the child is a girl, they will name her Kate.

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