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The Malo Mart is an extremely odd chain of stores that the young Malo sets up that offer incredible deals at reasonable Rupee costs. Malo's entrepreneurship begins after he takes over the Ordon shop from its previous owner, who is killed in the raid on the village during the game's story.

If the player, as Link, decides to fund a Malo Mart expansion after a certain point in the game, a new branch is set up in the central Castle Town. It replaces the snooty overcharging store, allowing Link to now purchase items from that location at a reasonable price - this inventory includes the one-of-a-kind Magic Armor, which provides superlative protection but continually drains Rupees while it's worn.

Malo can also set up stores in other settlements, requiring Link's help once again in some way to do so.

Each Malo Mart has a catchy jingle that plays whenever you enter.

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