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NEXT Opening

Malzerl's NEXT is called Opening, all black scheme that composed of GA parts with only a solo CR-HOGIRE Core. Opening is equipped with two dual GA's GAN02-NSS-WR High-Capacity Rifle on both arms, YAMAGA Heavy Grenade Lanchuer and a massive BIGSIOUX Large Missiles, with the combination with NEMAHA01 Vertical Relation Missile as shoulder weapon. It also equipped with Assault Armor when anyone comes near to him.


  • Head: GAN02-NSS-H
  • Core: CR-HOGIRE
  • Arms: GAN01-SS-AL
  • Legs: GAN02-SS-L
  • Generator: GAN01-SS-G
  • Main Boosters: GAN01-SS-M.CG
  • Side Boosters: GAN01-SS-S.CG
  • Back Boosters: GAN01-SS-B.CG
  • Over Boost: GAP-AO.CG
  • Arm Unit R: GAN02-NSS-WR
  • Arm Unit L: GAN02-NSS-WR
  • Back Unit R: BIGSIOUX
  • Back Unit L: YAMAGA
  • Shoulder: NEMAHA01

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