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Mami is a first year student of Ohbi Academy. She is Kazuki's younger sister. Mami is a guitarist and was invited to the second Second Literature Club band by Yuko. She is an exceptionally talented musician and is proficient in any instrument that she picks up. Souta enjoys teasing Mami by calling her a girl genius.

Several years ago, Souta and Yui picked up a stray dog named Cookie. They gave it to Mami. It died of illness 3 or 4 years ago.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

First Stage

Chapter 1: Here Today, Go Tomorrow

Mami was first seen when Souta and Kazuki visited the Hayakawa home. Mami lost her house keys and was searching in the garden. Souta found her keys.

Chapter 3: Chain Saw

Souta pulled Mami aside and demanded to know what's happening to Kazuki. Mami hesitated to explain and Kazuki explained his condition.

The next Summer, Kazuki and Mami invited Souta to a bar. Kazuki tried to reveal that Mami liked Souta but she yelled over him.

Second Stage

Mami became the leader of the second Second Literature Club band after Yuko graduated. Mami met Chie at the Ohbi Cultural Festival during her third year. Chie taught Mami in how to take care of Kazuki. Kazuki spends his days at the hospital composing music. He would hum the tune to Mami and she would record it and write it down.

Chapter 2: Don't Stop Dreaming

Souta and Mami visited Kazuki at the hospital. He invited her to lunch. Mami asked about Yui and Souta revealed that he has yet to contact her after he quit school. Mami then snatched Souta's cell phone and entered Yui's phone number.


Mami uses a yellow colored Epiphone Casino.

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