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The fifth of the seven Stakes of Purgatory, Mammon is an embodiment of the sin of greed. If she decides that she wants something or someone to claim as her own she will stop at nothing to acquire it for herself. As she lives by the motto of monopolizing through greed she's a hard (if not outright ruthless) worker, but also a source for conflict among her sisters as her relentless greed tends to lead to squabbling within their ranks. Like her sisters, she can morph from her human form into a Stake of Purgatory, a demonic stake that flies at terrifying speeds and can bounce off walls in pursuit of her target. And just like the rest of her sisters, she's often portrayed as a sadist.

Although she has a personality and will of her her own she spends most of the series in servitude as Furniture, essentially a dehumanized servant incapable of disobeying the orders of whoever is their master at the time. She originally served the witch Beatrice who created her in the first place but would later serve under Eva-Beatrice, Ange Ushiromiya and Battler Ushiromiya as the series progressed.

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