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Mamoru Hayase is an athlete from another school. One of the biggest star athletes in the area, the main character and Mamoru later become rivals. The Star Social Link Arcana can be established with Mamoru once the player talks to him.


The main character first meets Mamoru in a special tournament they go to (whatever sports team the player joins, it's all the same thing). He does great at the tournament, only to lose to Mamoru, who is considered one of the best athletes to compete. After the tournament, the main character catches Mamoru's attention, and the two become rivals as well as friends. As the Social Link advances, the main character finds out that Mamoru has a single mother, and his father drove off in a cliff and died. He also has a few younger siblings that he tends to when he gets home. And since then, Mamoru has been keeping his father's car key for good luck to supporting his family and in practice. He also reveals that he doesn't get along well with his teammates because of the buzz he creates as a widely popular star athlete. Mamoru also struggles to decide what he has to do when his mother gets sick and is sent to the hospital.

Max Social Link

Mamoru's Star Arcana.
Mamoru then decides to give up pursuing scholarships and his sponsors and get a job to help his mother and younger siblings. In the end, he gives Minato his dad's car key, because he feels that he doesn't need it for luck anymore, and he can finally let it go. In Persona 3, once the Star Social Link is maxed, the persona Lucifer can be fused in the Velvet Room. In Persona 3 FES, his final persona is changed to Helel, the hebrew name for Lucifer. His  "fallen" form can be found in the Judgment Arcana instead. 

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