Anyone really excited for Mana Khemia 2?

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Kinda curious about this one as its coming out soon (and I'm not familiar with any of the GUST games).  I recently found the complete soundtrack on imeem and it seems pretty epic.

I suppose its not out here yet..  but for importers who may be in the know..  Couple questions:
-this game is sort of similar to... what franchise?
-style of combat... turn/time-turn/action rpg?
-in general... worth my time? 

Let me know please..  Danke! 


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@n8:  this game is the second mana khemia game. Both mana khemia games are part of the Atelier series of games from gust, which is a pretty lengthy series. The game is pretty old school and very anime styled. The games are generally pretty plot heavy with fully voiced scenes ocurring pretty frequently. The writing and voice acting in the games (specifically the japanese voice acting, although the us voice cast in ateleir iris 3 was also great) is good in an anime sort of way. So its not the Shawshank Redemption or something, but were are talking enjoyable without being particularly serious until near the end. The games revolve around an item creation system called Alchemy. You collect reagents and recipes to create all sorts of items from medicine to single use buff/debuff items, bombs, and ALL, and i mean ALL, of you weaponry and equipment. The alchemy system is very extensive and performing recipes often leads to finding new discovery recipes creating an enjoyable sense of actually doing some sort of research. Its pretty neat. Its important to note that you do not level up in mana khemia 1, but instead you have a stat and ablility grid you travel on thats like a cross between the FFX sphere grid and the FFXii license board. Nodes in the grid are unlocked by performing certain alchemy recipes. This is meant to highlight that the characters are alchemy students in school and their personal growth is tied to their level of mastery in alchemy. This system discourages grinding, which i appreciate.

The battle system is a little complicated, its turn based, but with some realtime elements. Moves take a certain amount of time and you can see on a meter when you will go next in realtion to other chacters, like in grandia 2 or FFX. Combat get pretty frantic but the difficulty is usually not too bad. You can manipulate when you will attack, when your opponent will and add dots and hots to the time flow. Also you have a pary of 6 characters with 3 active at any given time with 3 in reserve. You constantly call in you reserve characters to do extra attacks and build up a combo bar so that you can use damaging super attacks. You juggle your whole team in and out this way, which is pretty neat. It starts out simple though so even though it gets complex it starts nice and simple.

You're right about the music in the game and gust games in general.  It's all pretty amazing. I love the Atelier iris 3 soundtrack and the mana khemia one is nearly as good. Its a major high point.

I think this game will be a definite buy for anyone who likes anime stlyed rpg's, no doubt.
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thank you very much for that..  i'm damned excited for this game now.   the bit about discouraging grinding seems REALLY good.  will be a unique experience for me to play an RPG where i won't be leveling up by killing things  :-)

at the moment im kinda getting to a stopping point in rune factory:frontier  (which won't be exactly like the alchemy system you mentioned, but as i'm sure you know...   alot of creating your own weapons and items and such) and i'm still a bit early in persona 4..  so hopefully i can get those two knocked out before this hits in the US.  

im not sure if this will be the perfect selection to get into the artelier/gust storyline but i'm just going to have to start here..  definitely wont have time to start and finish mana khemia and the aforementioned before mana khemia 2 hits.  =)

thanks again and cheers!
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the series is sort of like final fantasy in that they share an ethic and design rules and alot of the same items and spells but they dont have much of an overarching plot. However Atelier Iris 3 is one of my favorites and has a really nice soundtrack so you could start with that one if you wanted a simple into. MK2 does take place at  the same school as MK1 and some of the characters from it are now teachers so there is some plot continuity there so you could play that one, but its definitely not necessary.

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Affirmative - I've had this preordered since May, excited for the bonus's in the premium pack - stoked about the game, not a fan of Etwards name though.

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