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Manfred is an old friend of Scott Shelby in the game Heavy Rain.  He is a genial man that owns an antiques shop.  He also repairs typewriters, and has an extensive catalog of knowledge regarding makes and models.  Scott pays Manfred a visit along with Lauren Winter in order to see if he can tell them the the model of typewriter used to write a document they found.


Manfred agrees to help Scott out, and enters the back room of his shop while Scott and Lauren stay out front.  When Scott realizes that Manfred has been gone an unusually long time, however, he enters the back room and finds his friend dead on the floor, obviously murdered.  Furthermore, someone has called the police, and Scott must frantically work to clean up all evidence that he and Lauren were at the murder scene in order to avoid being taken in for interrogation.

Plot Twist

It was in fact Scott that murdered Manfred.  As the Origami Killer, Scott couldn't run the risk of Manfred being able to provide evidence of his guilt and commits the crime while Lauren is distracted.  Despite the player supposedly being in control of Scott the whole time that Manfred is in the back room, the murder is never shown on screen until a flashback sequence late in the game when the truth is revealed.

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