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Manga Mahjongg is a digital version of the Chinese board game, Mahjongg. Players have to pair pair similar tiles. A tile may only be drawn if it is not covered or even partly covered by another tile. It also has to be exposed at its long side.


As well as including traditional board layouts and tile designs, the game also features many other themes, including: pirates, savannah, sports, music, space, horses, and gardens. Each tile set comes with a related manga-styled background motif. As well as this, there are eight different tile layouts.


The game contains three difficulty levels:

  • Playing on the easiest difficulty level will grand you a lot more double tiles and an extra amount of wildcards.
  • On normal difficulty, there are still wildcards available, but the amount of doubles is broadly reduced.
  • On hard difficulty level, there are no wildcards at all and there are also only a few amount of doubles available.

As well as this, the game allows players to play against a time limit.

Additional Information

The game contains several easter eggs that are activated by clicking certain areas of the screen. A number of these easter eggs feature manga characters wearing scantly clad outfits.

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