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MangaJongg is the latest incarnation of the classic Chinese board game.   
Apart from a little luck the game requires strategic thinking and power of deduction from the players.
The computer game rules are like those of the board game.  The player has to pair wisely draw all the 144 tiles from the table.  
A tile may only be drawn if it is not covered or even partly covered by another tile. It also has to be exposed at its long side at least.
In the beginning of a game, the tiles are traditionally build up in the shape of a dragon or a turtle, but MangaJongg offers a lot more starting shapes.



MangaJongg does not only offer classic board Designs and starting shapes. It is shipped with a lot of modern themes as well.
The same is of course true for the available tile sets.  
You can choose between traditional classic Chinese sets,  enhanced sets and brand new fantasy design variants.  
Each and every tile is a complete work of art that has been drawn by hand.  
The new motives cover the following areas of interest: Pirates, Savannah, Sports, Music, Space, Horses and Garden.
All motives are drawn by hand, pixel by pixel.  
Combine this with the backdrops in Manga style and you know where the name has gotten its name from.



Different playing modes provide a constant variety.  
The game-mode "against the time" provides a special challenge to the player but it is also possible to not play against a time limit.   
As an extra option, you can adjust the difficulty of the game.  
-  Playing on the easiest difficulty level will grand you a lot more double tiles and an extra amount of wildcards.   
- On normal difficulty, there are still wildcards available, but the amount of doubles is broadly reduced.   
- On hard difficulty level, there are no wildcards at all and there are also only a few amount of doubles available.



MangaJongg is not only available in common languages like English, German, and Spanish. You can also get it in Japanese, Chinese and Russian language. 

Features overview:

There are 8 different tile sets available in MangaJongg.  
Each tile set comes with a fitting background motive. Those tiles can take 8 different initial positions.


Easter Eggs:

There are several Easter-Eggs hidden in MangaJongg.
Some of the more commonly known ones are:
• Scantily dressed Manga girls in the title screen, instead of Manga girls in their ordinary dresses
• Falling Mahjong tiles in the title screen (looks like it is raining Mahjong tiles)
• Extra set of tiles with scantily dressed Manga figures
All Easter-Eggs are activated by clicking certain positions in game.


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