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Mangia was a video game produced in 1983 by SpectraVideo. In the game the player controls a small boy who must eat or discard of continuous plates of pasta that are passed to the player by the protaganist's mother.


The gameplay of Mangia is unique to say the least.

The player must control a young boy eating. The player must continuously eat plates of pasta placed in front of him by his mother. The mother will keep feeding the player pasta until his stomach explodes on-screen! The main goal of the game is for the player to prevent the eventual stomach explosion while still satisfying the player’s mother.

The player can instead of eating the pasta, toss food to the player’s pets, a cat and a dog. The cat will occasionally appear at the window and the dog is at the bottom of the screen. The player must get caught passing the food to the pets. If caught the player will be penalized. If the mother sees the pasta being passed away, she will bring even more pasta on the next round

The game’s character is controlled by the player by pressing right to cause the main character to grab a plate of pasta, pressing left to eat the pasta. The player can press up or down to toss the pasta to the cat or the dog. If the cat and dog are not on screen when the food is passed to them, the mother will return with even more pasta that the player must eat.

The player also cannot simply remain idle. Pasta will accumulate on the table, until the table breaks. Then the player lose a turn.

Lastly if the player attempts to eat all the pasta without passing any to the cat or dog will cause the player’s character’s stomach to swell and swell and finally explode.

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