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Mangler will attack anyone who enters Kevlin Diggs' bedroom regardless of how well the person is liked amongst the rest of the halflings of Rivervale. Fighting back, however, will result in a major faction hit that will result in most of Rivervale disliking the intruder. Many young rogues attempt to enter Diggs' house in an attempt to steal money owed to the Fool's Gold for Diggs' gambling debts. Unfortunately for them, many of these rogues aren't proficient in the art of stealth yet and are caught by Mangler. The best option when being attacked by Mangler is to simply run, typically to the nearby Misty Thicket. Once Mangler is outside of the house, he uncontrollably attacks innocent citizens and visitors of Rivervale, which causes the town's deputies a great deal of stress.




  • Deeppockets
  • Guardians of the Vale
  • Mayor Gubbin
  • Merchants of Rivervale

Opposing Factions

  • Coalition of Tradefolk Underground

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