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A giant drop from the quality of its predeccesor 0

The Manhunt series are without a doubt one of the most controversial series going. They make Mortal Kombat seem kid friendly to the amount of chaos the manhunt games have caused.The first was released to your typical critiscm from parents and the like, but some pretty favourable reviews from the critics. While incredibly gorey with the focus being on some really nasty executions of your enemys, it still had some good stealth gameplay, a fantastic and equally disturbing script and in general a go...

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A Forgettable Stealth Game With an Unappealing Aesthetic 0

The first Manhunt is a mediocre stealth game propped up by its atmosphere, horror elements, and general shock value. Manhunt 2 drops the horror and atmosphere in favor of pure shock value, and the result is a forgettable stealth game with an unappealing aesthetic.Mechanically, it's basically the same game as the first. You use sound to draw enemies near, use shadows to hide, and then you hold an execution button to change the severity of your attack. The new features are aerial executions and en...

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Manhunt 2 is just about as medicore as it gets 0

I'm lucky enough to have a uncensored copy of Manhunt 2 for the Wii, but not even playing it uncensored is enough to make a decent game. I enjoyed the first Manhunt it was a totally original idea with good visual effects for the time,a story that was straight out of a classic horror film, and some decent game play. Sure the enemy A.I. was pretty stupid but the whole execution thing made it cool. But sadly Manhunt 2 fails in every aspect that the original was good in besides the executions. So le...

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Controversially Captivating, Absolutely a Bloody, Guilty Pleasure 0

 Manhunt 2 definitely felt a large blow of controversy during its development. One delay, after another it eventually was cancelled on the whole for its UK release simply due to how violent and blood-soaked the game's content ended up becoming. Now a year after its original intended release, BBFC have finally accepted Take 2's request to release this edited, but still maniacal and crimson coated version of the action adventure. But it is still all what you come to expect from the house of...

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