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Mann Manor is a Halloween-themed map variant of Mountain Lab, also released  as part of the 2010 Halloween event. Mann Manor is the first map in TF2 to utilize the boss feature; the Horseless Headless Horsemann. 

Horseless Headless Horsemann

 Horseless Headless Horsemann
The Horseless Headless Horsemann has 3,000 HP (200 for each person), requires 10 people on the map to spawn and spawns every 7 - 9 minutes.  The Horsemann will spawn at the currently active Capture Point and will randomly assign a person to chase by tagging them as 'it'. Players who are 'it' have a skull and crossbone over their head and will have the Horsemann chasing them. Players caught by the Horsemann will be instantly killed. There is only two ways to remove 'it', either be killed or melee a person on the opposite team in order to transfer 'it'. In addition to his fatal swing the Horsemann also has a 'BOO' attack which causes impaired movement to all in a 500 unit radius allowing him to quickly catch up to 'it'.
Defeating the Horsemann and getting kill credit rewards the player with the Horseless Headless Horsemann's  Head, a special holiday hat and the Sleepy Holl0wned achievement.  

Haunted Metal Scrap

Obtained through the Gored! achievement this item is only obtained once per account by hitting the Horsemann with a melee attack and getting credit for his kill. The metal can be used to craft the Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker as well as one of the special 2010 Halloween Hats.


Roughly every five minutes a gift spawns on the map. These gifts contain Halloween themed class-based paper bag mask. By crafting all class mask together the player will be rewarded with the Saxton Hale Mask as well as a special Halloween achievement.


Plot Relevance

In the RED spawn, if a player turns around and looks at the window up the stairs a visible Redmond Mann is seen sitting in a chair facing away from the player in an inaccessible room. Attempts to no_clip into the room will find that Redmond only has a hat and arm animated into the game.
Several paintings also appear throughout the house such as a brave looking Redmond standing next to a rat-looking Blutarch.

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