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 Manon before joining the OSS.
 Manon before joining the OSS.

Born in Dubuisson, Manon Batiste grew up in Paris along with her brother Jacques. After the Nazi occupation of France begins, they decide to become resistance fighters, and join the Maquis. When her brother dies in an ambush, Manon flees Paris and eventually signs up with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). As an agent, she is sent to various locations throughout Europe and Africa to disrupt the Nazi war effort.   


Manon first appeared in the original Medal of Honor as a French Resistance agent who aided protagonist James Patterson; she plays a a similar role in a later game, Allied Assault. Players take control of her in the first sequel, Underground, which follows her exploits as a member of the OSS.     
Her final appearance is in one of the later missions in Medal of Honor: European Assault. As Lt. William Holt, players are sent to rescue her from a farmhouse in Belgium where she is being held captive.


- The character of Manon was partially based on Hélène Deschamps Adams (1921-2006).   During the occupation, Hélène worked for the Resistance and the OSS in a variety of capacities. Although her role was primarily non-combative, her work is credited with saving the lives of many soldiers and Jewish families.  

-James Patterson, the protagonist of several Medal of Honor games, proposed to Manon at the end of the war. 

- In European Assault, her last name is changed to Du Champs, probably as a more obvious nod to Hélène. 

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