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The Divine Hierarchy

Augustus after claiming the essence of Xel'lotath

Mantorok lies outside the circle of power where the other three gods (Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth and Xel'lotath) remain trapped due to his inability to be contained due to his close association with chaos. Free from the ritualistic bindments of the circle of power, Mantorok does not have to submit to any of the three other gods. Mantorok focuses all his power upon keeping the three other gods trapped, knowing that if one ever escaped or joined forces he would be overpowered and destroyed. Similarly Mantorok could not kill them off one by one because as soon as he killed one of the gods, that gods power would shift to the two remaining gods. Prisoner to his own prisoners Mantorok used all his energy to simply bind the gods allowing the world to be filled by those he hated even more than the gods themselves; humans, however he was unable to remedy this situation with all his focus held upon binding the gods and the human population began to grow.

The Heart of Mantorok

One of the mouths of Mantorok

In 26 BC things appeared to take a turn for the worst for Mantorok. A roman centurion by the name of Pious Augustus was tricked into accepting the essence of the one of the three ancients imprisoned by Mantorok, becoming their slave and vessel. Pious entered Mantorok's temple in Cambodia and collapsed the temple pillars onto the god, pinning and trapping Mantorok in it's own temple. The heart of Mantorok was protected however and while death would be eventual without piercing the actual heart, Mantorok's death would still take thousands of years. Pious set to work searching for the essence of Mantorok. In 1150 A.D a dancing girl by the name of Ellia found her way into the temple - perhaps drawn by Mantorok. She is used as a vessel to carry Mantorok's heart, replacing her own with that of the god. When she is captured by Pious the centurion turned demon searches her for the heart, not realizing that is actually inside of her. Frustrated he strikes her down and continues his search, leaving Ellia to a fate between death and life with the heart inside of her. When Pious leaves the temple Mantorok casts a spell to the hide the temple in attempt to prevent Pious from finding it again.

The Modern World

As time passes by Pious realizes that the heart must reside in the body of Ellia but is enraged when he realizes that he can no longer find the temple. In 1983, posing as an eccentric collector of rare artifacts Pious tricks a man by the name of Edwin Lindsey, a famous archaeologist, into using the current technology to locate the temple. Upon entrance of the temple Pious reveals to Lindsey his true form and leaves Lindsey to die in the temple at the hand of one his agents. When Lindsey overcomes this agent he is forced to move deeper into the temple and enters Mantorok's chamber at the same time as Pious. As Pious attempts to kill Lindsey Mantorok uses the last of his essence to both protect him and cause Pious to retreat. It is here that the vessel of Mantorok's heart, Ellia is found. She gives the heart to Lindsey, who makes sure he does not touch it with his bare hands and is instructed to give it to a man by the name of Edward Roivas, otherwise known as the keeper of the light.

The Summoning

The Tomb of Darkness

In the year 2000 A.D the planetary alignment is such that any spells cast will be amplified ten fold. Pious, who has now put his plan of killing Mantorok on hold, uses this to increase his magical abilities and summons one of the three ancients into our world. As this is happening a woman by the name of Alexandra, the newest descendant of the Roivas family, uses the the collected Essences of the three gods within the circle power and the amplifying abilities of the magical device within Enggha to summon forth a second ancient. After a climatic battle between the two gods the one that Pious owes allegiance to his killed, and the one summoned by Alexander is binded back to the circle of power, trapping it once more, leaving Mantorok as the only god that exists within human reality and two gods binded to the circle of power.

Mantorok's End Game

After the death of one of the gods Mantorok's power is not only restored but increased. It is with these powers that Mantorok does something very strange. The god uses its new powers to rewind time back to the point when Pious claimed one of the three essences of the binded gods. This time however Mantorok himself encourages Pious to claim one of the essences that he did not last time. Events unfold like last time and that god is killed. Again Mantorok resets the timeline and this time encourages Pious to take the essence that he did take the previous two times. Again that god is eventually killed thousands of years later. It is here that Mantorok's end game is revealed. With the other three gods all killed within the separate timelines he is the only remaining god allowing him with limitless power to rule over those he hates most - mankind.

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