One of my favourite games ever

#1 Posted by DazbotAthertron (874 posts) -

Seriously. Ive put over one hundred hours into it lol. and got the full 200 points on 3 seperate accounts

#2 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I find the game to be fun, but I can't say that I find it that fun.

#3 Posted by DazbotAthertron (874 posts) -

lol i know. Only one other person know likes it a lot.

#4 Posted by get2sammyb (6412 posts) -

lol favourite games ever? When I owned an XBOX this was the first game I downloaded and it is fun. But it's nothing too spectacular.

I guess if it's your cup of tea then that's great.

#5 Posted by Badam (431 posts) -

Marble Blast Ultra is one of my favorite XBLA games. I put so many hours into that game. It payed off because I got all the achievements. The hardest achievement was getting the last par time on the last hard level. I did some crazy stuff to get that par time.

#6 Posted by CoolDrMoney (1978 posts) -

I was surprised by how fun the multiplayer was, I ended up liking it more than the single player

#7 Posted by jinxman (514 posts) -

ya, this game is so under rated, one of my favorite xbla games for sure.

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