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Ninja Gaiden/Sigma

Marbus is the Greater Fiend in charge with the protection of the Holy Vigoor Emperor. He possesses the formidable ability to revive fiends from the abyss of the underworld to do his bidding. Despite his best efforts to protect the Emperor of Vigoor the Dragon Ninja Ryu Hayabusa bested him in combat.

Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2

Rising from the depths of the underworld Marbus terrorizes New York City where fiend hunter and friend of Ryu Hayabusa Rachel intercepts him. The two combat on a rooftop in the middle of the city. Rachel finally gets the upper hand and drives Marbus back into the depths of hell. Upon his arrival back in the underworld he senses the presence of Ryu Hayabusa in the underworld who entered it to find and destroy the Archfiend Vazdah. Marbus enters combat with the Dragon Ninja one last time and is again defeated. This time Marbus' demise is permanent as his body solidifies into stone crumbling before Hayabusa.

Ninja Gaiden 3/ Razors Edge

Marbus does not appear in the story mode of Ninja Gaiden 3 and instead appears as a boss fight in the games challenge mode along side other long time Ninja Gaiden favorite bosses like Alma.


  • "My servants, rise from the underworld, and take care of this puny insect once and for all!"
  • "Are you searching for the Dragon Ninja as well? Somehow, I think we seek him out for different reasons"
  • "Dragon Ninja, I never thought you would enter this place of your own free will! I will not let this perfect opportunity at revenge slip through my fingers!"
  • "Ha! You believe that you, a fragile little doll can take on a Greater Fiend? Hmm...Very well show me what you can do!"

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