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Marc Ecko in video games

Marc Ecko's love for video games began with his love for comics. In the 5th and 6th grade he would draw fictional worlds and his friend would write up the dialogue. His first game console as a kid was the ColecoVision, and he has stated that he has always had game concepts in his head. He began scripting Getting Up in 1998 when his company was struggling and he was $6.5 million in debt. Working with an illustrator on his game and spending free time playing Playstation helped him escape from his failing business, which eventually recovered and became immensely successful. Ecko first began working on video games with EA Sports' Tiburon studio in 1999. He would hook up his friends with the publisher to, as he said, "put relevant original hip-hop into the game". For his help, EA put an *ecko unltd team in the 2000 and 2001 editions of Madden NFL. 7 years later Getting Up, the game he started envisioning in 1998, finally got released after a fairly long development period and multiple delays.

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