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March is the sister of Salsa, Allegretto meets her when they come to the village where Polka and Frederick were taken when badly injured from one of Count's Lieutenets, March joins the party much later on after they meet once they come back to Agogo forrest and face the attacker that had put them in the village afterwords, March is much nicer then Salsa not insulting people as well as having different coloured hair and different coloured clothing.

As i said if you've seen the picture in Salsa's character, they are sisters or twins! I cant tell anymore!
In Battle

March is pretty much the exact same as Salsa having the same weapon as her but having different attacks when in light and darkness, Instead of having her attacks powerfing up peoples attack power her attacks instead increases their defence allowing for great defence against bosse's especially when it comes later on in the game, other then that both characters are pretty much the same other then appearnce and some of their skills.

Its like a spirt bomb...seriously!

Being nicer then Salsa, March is able to connect with the ground alot easier then her but she is also shy and dosen't talk out often only to her sister, March is also able to react upon her feelings even if she is shy or not.

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