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His Life

While in China in June 2013, Bravo was called in to help Alpha team capture Ada Wong. Along the way they are attacked by a bio-organic weapon by the name of lluzija. This snake-like creature takes out every BSAA soldier present except for Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans, and Marco Rose. Together, they take down the snake by electrocuting him then proceed in their search of Ada Wong.

His Death

While searching for Ada, Carla Radames shoots Marco in the neck with a syringe that contains the C-Virus. He mutants into a swarm of bees and must be taken down by Chris and Piers. After defeating the mutated Marco, you proceed to pick up his C4 and use it to blow up the last set of doors in your way.

Other Family

When playing Chapter 2 of Leon Kennedy's campaign, after you enter the cathedral you will hear a man who is telling the others that his son Marco is in the BSAA and that he will come to rescue them soon. His father is presumed dead.

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